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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Kanebo Media Select Color Shadow A

Media is a very cheap drugstore brands by Japanese cosmetics company Kanebo.
It's definitely a brand that normally doesn't appeal to me at all due to the ugly cheap packaging (yes, packaging matters for me!)
I had only tried a few duo eyeshadows until now and wasn't impressed so ignored the brand completely for the past 2 years.

While I was browsing I found a new item added to the Media Line-up (I was bored so browsed the "What's new" section) and for US$10.50 shipped their new Select Color Shadow A looked interesting enough to try out, especially the color BR-3 which seemed to be a good neutral taupe trio.

The eyeshadow trios come in silver/clear plastic compacts. Very basic and not that pretty but not the worst either (their older cases looked much uglier IMO).
When I first swatched the eyeshadows on the back of my hand I was really disappointed with the chalky sheer texture of the shadows. I thought about tossing them but decided to give them a chance.
I have experienced that shadows that give little color on the back of my hand show up vibrantly on my eyes as I am wearing a primer and use brushes to apply the powders so that makes a difference.

While I have to say that PK-1 is the worst of the lot the other 2 colors WN-1 and BR-3 are worth to be in my Inexpensive Beauty Finds category.
Don't expect super rich pigment but these trios make good basic eye looks for everyday wear.
The finish is soft satin, lightly pearly. The medium color has most shimmer whereas the dark and light shades give more of a soft pearl shine.
The texture is chalky but with the right brushes and an eyeshadow base they don't look chalky when applied.
WN-1: Dark plum (shows up medium pigmented), a sheer fig color and white.

PK-1: My least fave and the least pigmented color. Warm rust brown, peachy pink and pale pink.

BR-3: My favorite of the lot. A dark chocolate, light taupe and light off-white shade.

I really loved how this looked when I wore it yesterday!
Here's an EOTD... I used the darkest color in the crease and on outer corners (with a precise crease-defining brush), the taupe on my lids and the lightest color as a highlighter.

Overall if you pay a few bucks more you can get a Kate eyeshadow palette which will always be more value for money but Media in BR-3 is a great basic taupe trio and ideal for traveling so you don't need to worry losing or shattering.

RRP is 945 Yen and I paid US$10.50 on adambeauty which is just 1 buck or so more but it includes shipping!


~raspy~ said...

hi! i also got 3 media trio in my last haul form adambeauty, and i got GN-1, WN-1 and BR-3. ^-^

of the 3 BR-3 is my fave too.. hehe..

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