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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skin79 BB Diamond Collection

From today on I am the proud owner of diamonds. Well, I have diamonds but none that I can smear on my face.

I got the pretty Diamond Collection from Skin79 from Gmarket as I noted below and I'm very pleased that a week after ordering the kit I am able to review it.

My main worry was that the BB cream and other items would be too dark and/or orange-toned. I read in other places that Skin79 BB creams are the darkest on the market and not suitable for light skin-tones.
Honestly the ones I have tried as of today are all some of the palest BB creams and among the least yellow-toned so they're perfect for me.
You'll soon find me doing another BB cream comparison as I acquired quite a few more since my last BB Cream post.

The BB Diamond Collection contains 8 products and I also got 1 full-sized and one trial-sized gifts with it. The kit costs 69000 Won (around US$70) which is the same price as on the official Skin79 website.

The individual retail prices seem to be very high (like over 50000 Won for the BB cream etc.) but some of the products in the kit are discounted on the website right now. However the kit still saves some €€ and I believe it's a fantasic value for he price (the value of the 8 Diamond products is almost 300000 Won so around US$300 which is an outrageous price!)

Sun Protection Balm Moist SPF50+ PA+++:

This is an interesting product. The box claims that this sun protection balm is stronger than other sunscreens and that it has a double effect against UV rays. It's a thick light purple solid balm that you apply with the enclosed sponge after your skincare.

This goes on really smoothly and feels smooth and light. It goes on clear, I haven't noticed any white cast when wearing this.

The Prestige Beblesh Balm:

I've seen this on eBay in regular pink squeeze tubes but the one in the kit comes in a very elegant pink bottle.
The 3 benefits of this product are:
-Wrinkle Improvement
-UV Protection SPF25 PA++ (UV-A and UV-B)

It contains Adenosine, Arbutin, Diamond Powder, Jewel Complex Powder of Ruby, Amethyst and Pearl and some plant and other ingredients (I see Caviar, Aloe, Camellia and some other stuff listed on the box)

This is a really light-toned BB cream that leaves a dewy shine. The coverage is sheer-medium so if you have real skin troubles this will not suffice to cover it well.

Perfect Cover Beblesh Balm:

This is a concealer with more coverage than the BB cream. The box says it's for covering blemish parts, freckles etc.
I was astonished about the odd color of this. It's a strange orange-yellow rather dark cream. The even weirder thing is that it applies rather light and just slightly peachy on my skin so I can actually use it. It blends in well into my natural skin-tone.

The concealing strength of this is good but I didn't apply too much as I don't want the yellow tones to get obvious.

Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm:

The box says that this is a trendy pearl BB Cream that has a light and moist feeling and brilliant pearl to make skin appear luminous.
It comes filled in a big brush with push button on the bottom. It's like the Silky Highlighter BB Touch from Lioele but the Skin79 version is lighter and sheerer so it's a better color match for me.

It's a shimmery pearl cream you apply on the forehead, nose bridge, cheeks and chin for highlighting effects.

UV Screen Pact SPF22 PA++:

On the box it claims that the powder pact effectively protects against UV-A and UV-B rays and that Diamond Powder, Jewel Complex (Ruby, Amethyst and Pearl) give a radiant finish.

A pressed powder compact to use as last step. In my opinion a powder is needed if you use all the other items I described above as otherwise you'll end up looking greasy.
The UV Screen BB Pact is a medium-coverage powder but it's a tad bit yellow. Ir blends into my skin-tone but it's not the best powder pact I tried. Also the puff that comes with it smells like fish (yes, fish). It's just the material it's made of but it's a yucky smell so I applied this with a brush.
The result is satiny skin with a very light yellow undertone. Due to the slightly yellow tint this is my least favorite item of the lot.
This got cakey after some hours of wear so it's definitely not the best powder out there.

Star Glow Cheek:

This is a really cute blush compact consisting of white, beige, pinky peach and orangey peach. The overall result is a soft shimmery peach which is really pretty and flattering.

The box states that this consists of natural pink and orange to express a 3D effect with fine pearl to create glossiness and shimmer. It supposedly gives more radiance and vitality as a finishing touch for facial makeup.

Like all the products this contains diamond powder and the Jewel Complex.

Star Glow Ball Powder:

This is a highlighter that is pressed into little pastel-colored beads like Guerlain Meteorites or other similar products released by many companies.

According to the box this makes your skin look bright, shining, mysterious and attractive. It gives a translucent effect and corrects facial contours.

All in all this is a nice basic shimmery highlighter that applies as a translucent white on me. It's a pretty addition to the kit and a good finishing touch after applying the other items.

Luminous Body Bronz Balm:
This is a soft shimmery bronzing gel for the body, especially the arms, legs and shoulders.

Contains caviar extract and Q10 to moisturize and nourish the skin.
The color of this is a light peachy bronze, it looks really pretty when applied.

One of the gifts in my kit was the Intense Classic Balm UV SPF20 PA++ which is a basic BB cream.
It has the benefits of UV Protection, Calming and Concealing.
On the box it says it is perfect for covering acne, couperose, vitiligo, age spots, sun spots and dark circles.
It's not pore-clogging and soothes irritated skin and furthermore it fights against free radicals.

This has a very fine herbal scent and comes in a rather light pinkish color, similar to the other Skin79 BB creams I tried from Skin79.
From swatching it I'd say it gives medium coverage but I have to try it on my face to confirm that.

The other gift was a miniature Super+ BB Triple Function SPF25 PA++ in the Hot Pink version (which I just ordered and received today, too).
I love the Korean companies for giving us cute sample tubes in useful sizes even with a small string to attach it to your mobile phone, key bunch or purse. I have now 2 BB creams, a sun cream and 2 lip glosses to attach to whatever I want hehe.

All in all I am really thrilled with the beautiful kit and know that I will get good use out of it.

Of course I haven't tried these items on the long run so I can't say if they will irritate my skin or not (as it's quite sensitive). Someone told me that she got red bumps from using Skin79 products so sure it depends on your skin-type.


Unknown said...

The pink collection don't look dark at all. Which BB do you think is better? The Pink Diamond or the Gold Label? Thanks for the review, I am really tempted now. ^^

Kathi said...

Both are good BB creams. Oddly so far my favorite BB cream from Skin79 is the Intense Classic Balm UV =D It works really well as it covers most imperfections, comes in a pale color and has just basic ingredients so it's good for the sensitive skin-types.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, read it almost everyday, and yes, shop by it. I have gotten excited about Korean and Japanese skincare and cosmetics, and my wallet is suffering. That package looks like the most fabulous thing. (Haven't been able to comment before cos I'm not registered to those things..)

Anonymous said...

How come I can't buy at the Gmarket? It wouldn't let me add the item to the international basket. I love this collection, I only own the bb cream in the tube right now, I want to have the highlighter and the concealer of this collection

Anonymous said...

Hi all.

We are a Singapore-based parallel importer company (directly importing from Korea) which is able to deliver worldwide. Free shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia within 6 working days! Please check our products at Thank you.

Cindy said...

Hi, International buyers are no longer able to purchase Skin79 through Gmarket.

Skin79 is available to be purchased in Canada through and in the usa on

The products sold on these 2 international sites are authentic products. Products that you may see on Ebay and other websites are illegally distributed or fakes.

Anonymous said...

what NC-tone does skin79 diamond prestige fall? thanks!

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