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Friday, July 18, 2008

First venture into Cathy Cat Colorist

I've been eyeing some Cathy Cat Colorist on eBay for some time now but they were just too expensive for my taste. When I browsed their website I stumbled across amazingly pretty items I just couldn't resist and purchased some of them through my currently favorite supplier of Korean makeup who offers me quite fair prices.

I am usually drawn towards eyeshadows and other powder products like blushes, highlighters etc. first so I ended up with a bunch of them.

Cathy Cat Colorist is a bit more expensive than brands like Etude House or Skin Food but their items are very pretty and come in unique compacts so they're really worth a try if you have the chance.

Pop Blusher and Pop Shading:
I really fell in love with the cute cases these come in.
On the cover of the Pop Blusher is the print of a pink high-heel and a blue purse on the cover of the Pop Shading.

The blusher consists of various tones of pink and peach and is almost matte. It's quite sheer but shows up well after a few swipes as a pretty soft peachy pink.

The Pop Shading can be used to sculpt the cheek bones or as a bronzer. It consists of various brown and beige tones and goes on matte.

I paid US$22/each. Retail is some $ less.
There is also a Pop Highlighter but I decided not to get it this time.

Multi Shimmer:
This comes in a cute round compact with a cat printed on. I really love how all Cathy Cat items come in different compacts!

The Multi Shimmer is a blusher/highlighter and could also be used as eyeshadow as it's quite pigmented. The finish is shimmery.
The powder consists of 3 colors arranged as a flower. Really cute!
There are 2 colors (peach and pink) and I settled on the pink one.
I paid US$28 which is not much as the RRP is 25000 Won (US$25)

Glitz Quilt Shadow:
The Glitz Quilt Shadows (there are 2 variations available) are very shimmery eyeshadow quints.
I chose the quad with taupe, pink, orange, cream and purple as it seems to be the most wearable combo for me (the other is warmer with gold and khaki if I remember correctly).

I am quite impressed with the dense pigment in this cute quint. They are very shimmery and show up really well. Especially the intensely sparkly taupe is a winner.

I paid US$24 which is just a bit above retail.

Glitz Ball Shadow:
The Glitz Ball Shadows were the first Cathy Cat items I spotted online and I really liked them (as they're baked eyeshadow duos and you know I am a sucker hehe).

So I decided to try out 2 of them.
Like the Glitz Quilt Shadow these are really pigmented and smooth and apply and blend like a dream.
They come in cute little cases with a detachable applicator but unfortunately the little rubber band in my 03 duo is missing =(
I paid US$16/each duo but I've seen them on ebay for almost US$30 =O
01: Iridescent beige with pink undertones and khaki green

03: Dark Gray with a blue touch and light pink.

Overall I am impressed with the items I tried and I'll definitely get more stuff in future as the quality is great and the pricings are right. Plus the cases are some of the most unique and cutest out there!


Pink Sith said...

Wow! I love this collection. I have never seen this brand before. Thank you for reviewing it! The baked eye shadows look amazing and I arode the little "leash" for the applicator.

birkinbagbeauty said...

these look fantastic! What seller did you buy them from?

Kathi said...

I asked skinfood2you to purchase the Cathy Cat items for me. Obviously they're not that easily available as she had to order them online as the next shop is too far from her

Vanessa M. said...

these are soo cute! where did you get em? i soo want em!

Kathi said...

Gmarket has them, too

^^ said...

although gmarket has them, the problem is very difficult to search for them right?
type cathycat in the search bar lots of ojibala comes out!!

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