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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lioele Water Makeup Kit

Along with the New Premium Package I decided to pick up another nice set consisting of 2 Lioele and 2 Hisuri items (which seem to be under the same company).

The Water Makeup Kit contains the following:

-Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream:
This is the same as the one in the New Premium package so please read there.

-Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base in pink:
This is great stuff! It's a baby pink cream that gives a gorgeous pink pearl glow wherever you want it (face, shoulders etc.). It's actually a waste to use this as a base as it is so pretty it rather should be used on top of makeup

-Hisuri Real Crystal Silky Primer:
Hisuri stands for HIgher SUnshine RIchness. Whatever that should mean it sounds Japanese or so lol. Anyways, Hisuri seems to be a slightly more expensive and a bit more grown-up brand under Lioele. The Primer is a milky gel that smooths out skin really well. I am pretty sure that it contains silicones as it gives this smooth silicone-y finish.

-Hisuri Multi Color Marbling Blusher:
This is actually better quality than the highlighter from the New Premium package as the Hisuri one has more pigment. It's a pretty shimmery peach color with a rather silky and pigmented texture.

This kit retails for around US$36 but I paid just over US$50 which is still a good deal as this is supposed to be worth US$95.


... said...

oh my, i just ordered the shimmer pearl base and beyond the solution bb cream... this morning! oh i so envy you this instant :) can't wait for my package.

Unknown said...

I have just this second received my pearl base! Unfortunately I am still at work! I cant wait to go home!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotus Palace, i Googled around and chanced upon your website. I have a huge question to ask about the Lioele Shimmer Pearl Base though cos I just got a sample of it today. How do I apply the Base? Before or after foundation? Will piling on a layer of loose powder on the Base mutes the shimmer? Hope to hear from you again soon!! Thks so much!

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