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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Etude House Sprout Recipe Calming Mild skincare trio

Currently I am a bit on a skincare kick so a series from Etude House formulated for sensitive skin had to be mine =)

I have to admit that I am really pleased with Etude House's skincare and I own most of the Moistfull collection now (and the Mist is on the way, too!) which is a really great range.

Here's a pic of my current Moistfull stash:

I already reviewed the Moistfull Special Kit some time ago which I am happily using daily but I have to say I am very content with the Calming Mild skincare range, too!

The Etude House Sprout Recipe Calming Mild range consists of 3 products that are meant to be used together. I don't know if there are more items but I could only find the 3 I purchased.

Step 1 - Ready Foam:
This is a great cleansing foam. It makes a lot of very silky dense lather and doesn't feel drying at all on my skin. I think I like this even better than my Skin Food Milk Mania Foam as this one can be a bit drying.

Step 2 - Setting Toner:
I am not really a person who uses toner (since my Clinique 3-step skin fiasko). However I wanted to complete set and this is a nice toner that's not harsh or smells like alcohol.

Step 3 - Finish Lotion:
This is a lightweight moisturizer but still feels rich enough for me. I think this alone is good for normal to slightly dry skin-types, drier skin-types might want to use a richer moisturizer on top.

The toner and lotion come in pretty iced glass bottles. While they look really nice I think glass bottles aren't convenient in the bathroom as they might break easily when dropped. Also I prefer I can squeeze the bottle instead of tapping it over 100 times to get more lotion out.
The cleanser comes in a hygienic squeeze tube.

All 3 items carry a very mild soft fragrance that's very pleasant.

Each item contains 150ml. I am not sure of the retail prices but most Etude skincare items range in the 7000-12000 Won range (About US$7-12). I paid US$7 for the foam and US$13.50/each for the toner and lotion which is a fair price I'd say.


Anonymous said...

hi there thanks for posting all these reviews; they are really helpful (i was wondering if you can post some websites that you shop from when you list the prices at the end)....thank you ;)

Kathi said...

I did a post about where I shop so please refer to that post.

make me beautiful said...

Thanks mucho much for this post! I may dabble with Etude House Cleansers myself now. I have been using the boyfriends cleansers and they are uber harsh! lol

~~**ExYrA**~~ said...

i just bought the calming mild ready foam..i like it because it maintains my skin moist

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