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Friday, July 4, 2008

Etude House Moistfull Peeling Wash: I changed my opinion =O

I really love the Moistfull skincare range so when I found the Peeling Wash for a moderate price on ebay I decided to add it to my little Moistfull family.

This comes in a pink squeeze tube. On my tube the sticker is not centered well which annoys me as I want my beauty products to look neat and just perfect. =X Anyway, on to the product itself.

The Peeling Wash is a lightweight fluid gel. If I squeeze too hard there's a lot of product squirting out so I have to be careful.

My original opinion:
Now what irritates me is that I don't get where the peeling is. I don't see any grains or beads or any other kind of particles that could buff away any dead skin cells.

Ok, no peeling effect. Maybe it could be a good regular face wash otherwise? Not really. The thing is that this stuff doesn't foam at all. It's like smearing any lotion or serum over my face and I don't feel that my skin is 100% clean afterwards.

One of my readers commented that this should be tried on dry skin. And when I apply this on dry skin there are little rough particles right away. I believe it's dead skin cells balling up and giving a very light peeling effect. My skin gets now really soft and feels clean after rinsing this off.

My skin feels slightly tight after using this so it might be too harsh for daily use. But 2-3x a week this should become a staple!
Thanks to my reader who suggested using this dry!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe you're not using it in the correct way? I have a peeling gel from The Face Shop which is supposed to be used on dry skin. I message it all over the face for 1-2 mins. The gel exfoliates the skin and becomes clustered residue. After that I was my face to rinse away the residue. After this my skin is really illuminous and clean even though there was no lathering. Hope this helps!

CS said...

guess it's like the face shop's dewy flower peeling gel. just a gel, without any special beneficial ingredient (just big claims)

i dont see any peeling effect with TFS either, but other girls like it a lot since it makes their skin smoother. dunno why

Kathi said...

I'll try it on my dry face and see if it makes a difference!

Unknown said...

ok I just got this product in korea. It is like a chemical peel in a way. Some thing in it removes dead skin cells. It is NOT an exfoliator. Apply a small amount to an area on your face (just a little bit) then rub it in untill it becomes dry then you will notice your dead skin cells lifting. Wipe it off with a wet cloth then rince. I wouldn't use this more than 1-3 time a week.
hope i helped!

Anonymous said...

Good bLOG
Love it...

Hmmm i thought tear drop lash
seems pretty nice, at the make over etude house...
if u say so, i will try it first... than buy it first haha...

Kimbeolli Jin Hyun said...

hey... where can i buy it?
im not sure here in the philippines... xD! :D

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