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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Etude House Summer 2008: Aqua Sherbet Cool Party

I couldn't resist picking up the entire new Aqua Sherbet skincare line from Etude House as it promises to be cooling and light which sounds perfect for the hot summer days here.

Now my skin is sensitive and I was a bit worried if it can pull off the ingredients like pink grapefruit but so far so good.

The other main ingredient is Alaska Glacial Water (the Etude website even shows an authenticity certificate lol) which supposedly is rich in minerals so even better for your skin.

While I have to say the skincare line is nice I still prefer my Moistfull and Calming Mild stuff over this as the Aqua Sherbet items are not rich enough and a bit harsh for my skin type.

I have also spotted 4 other new products that are not listed on the main page as part of the summer collection but seem to be out just now for summer:
Flash Light Base (I know this is Limited Edition), Glittering Duo, Speedy Total Mineral Base and a new waterproof mascara.

First on to the skin care. There are 5 items total:

-Ice Toner:
This comes in a spray can and has to be shaken before usage. You spray this on a cotton pad and when you apply it to your skin you really think ice is touching it. It's really cold and refreshing. It's quite harsh and stripping the skin of oils so I only pat this lightly on my T-Zone.

-Aqua Sherbet Toner:
A regular toner with a slightly cooling feeling. I am sure this contains quite some alcohol so I rather use this sparingly, too.
Comes in a heavy 150ml glass bottle.

-Aqua Sherbet Lotion:
A light moisturizer with a slightly cooling feeling.
Comes in a heavy 150ml glass bottle.

-Aqua Sherbet Serum:
Very light emulsion. I don't feel this is doing a lot in the point of moisturizing etc. I think the Lotion and the Gel Cream alone are enough.

-Aqua Sherbet Gel Cream:
Light moisture gel with a slightly cooling feeling. Makes my skin smooth but I still apply a bit of my Moistfull Jelly Essence on top.
Comes in a glass jar (I think 50ml?)

All items have a light refreshing grapefruit-y scent (especially the ice-toner).

I paid just a few bucks over retail on each item. The retail is somewhere between 8000-12000 Won ($8-12) in South Korea so it's quite cheap.

The makeup items are

-Flash Light Base:
This comes in 2 colors: white and gold. I would normally have picked the white one but the very pale iridescent gold looked more interesting so I went for this instead. I am happy I did! This is a gorgeous light gold with pink iridescence that makes a great highlighter to give a dewy glow. This is a base but I would use this rather on top of makeup than below.
This comes in a big brush you just have to twist to dispense the lightweight cream.
Retail 10000 Won

-Glittering Duo:
This comes in 3 colors. The featured Sherbet Party look shows the blue duo. Glittering duo contains a shimmery eyeliner pencil on one side and a glittery liquid liner in the matching color on the other side. The base of the glitter liner is clear so you just see the colored glitters. The pencil is quite soft and applies smoothly.
I picked the silver/gray duo. (There is also a pink version available)
Retail 8000 Won

-Speedy Total Mineral Base SPF41 PA++:
This comes in 2 colors. I picked the lighter one #01. This is supposed to be a makeup base, foundation and sunblock in 1. It's not a BB cream but supposedly nourishes with minerals (seems minerals are the big hit now...see also above in the Sherbet line). The coverage of this is quite sheer but color #01 is a good match for very pale individuals like me. I like the high SPF but still most of the BB creams I have perform better (more coverage, skin feels softer)
Retail 11000 Won

I haven't gotten the new mascara so can't comment on this one.


Taryn said...

Could I ask how you got the Ice Toner spray? I ordered the AS items from Sweet Violet's Shop, but she told me she couldn't ship me the Ice Toner. Must be something to do with the fact that it's aerosol, because she had it in stock.

I'd really like to try it!

Irene said...

Oh~ I've been waiting for someone to review those Etude House skincare products! thanks :)

Can I ask you where you bought the ice toner? None of the online shops I usually buy from sells it and on Ebay I found all but the ice toner :(

Kathi said...

It's actually not allowed to ship aerosols via airmail because they're considered explosives. Many sellers don't care though and just don't write it on the package so not a problem.
I don't buy from ipinkorea anymore as I found a very friendly seller who charges MUCH less for the items. She CPs me things, too.

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