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Thursday, August 28, 2008

First venture into Jadilla J

You know that I never can resist a cute Korean (or Japanese) brand... I just have to try something(s) to see if it's just cute or performs nicely, too!

Most of my recent discoveries were on Gmarket when I browsed various sellers or searched for brands I know and found things I never heard of before pop up.

When I spotted some items by Jadilla J I got very excited as they looked very similar to Jill Stuart but for quite lower prices. I decided to order 4 items to try that new brand out (and it helped that each items comes with TONS of extras) but to be very honest I thought probably the items look just cute and like Jill Stuart knock-offs but won't be that great...

But I have to admit that the quality is good and the items are very worth purchasing if you get the chance to (the seller I found selling them is "VOV 제이딜라제이" on Gmarket). Now that I checked the box of the BB Cream I see that the brand is made by VOV Cosmetics which is a very known brand in Korea so the quality should be there and you can rest assured that the products are safe to use.
VOV have a lot of pretty products in their Castledew range in similar packaging to Jill Stuart, Beaute de Kose and T'estimo. The quality is good and Castledew is on the lower end of the price range.

The lineup of Jadilla J is quite small, most products are for the skin (makeup bases, foundations, BB Creams, powders, blushes etc.) but there are lip glosses, eyeliner, mascara and loose eyeshadows available, too.

-Whitening BB Plus SPF30 PA++:

BB Creams are often the first thing I want to try out from Korean brands as I am totally addicted to BB Creams and always looking to expand my stash. It's also a phenomenon that about 70-80% are a good-perfect color match for me which is fantastic as I am most of the time totally unlucky with foundation colors in other brands because most are too dark/yellow/orange/whatever wrong.
Jadilla J sells 2 kinds of BB Creams. I actually wanted to get the one in the pink tube which is called Skinguard BB Plus but on the pics it looked like it's a quite dark BB Cream so I settled for the Whitening BB Plus SPF30 PA++ because it comes in 2 color choices and the lighter one looked like it would suit me.

The product claims:
-Super Sun Protection
-Super Whitening
-Super Skin Care
-Super Makeup
Some of the ingredients I see are: Sweet Almond Oil, Arbutin, Aloe and some other plant ingredients.

The cream has a pleasant lighter texture and applies very smoothly. It evens out my skin well and offers sheer-medium coverage. The color match of color 01 is good for me but it could be a tad lighter. It works anyway so I won't complain.
It has a light scent that's not unpleasant or too strong.
The squeeze tube contains 50ml and retails for 60000 Won (according to the seller) but sells for 25000 plus you get a truck load of (actually useful!) extras.

-Light On Pact:

I got this mainly for the cute very Jill Stuart-esque compact lol. It's a beautiful silver compact with a pale pink tassle attached. The compact is heavy and of good quality and looks posh and elegant.
The powder feels very silky, almost creamy and has decent
pigment (sheer-medium coverage).
It has a light scent that reminds me a bit of old lady perfume which I find a bit unpleasant.
There are 3 colors to choose from.

I chose light+++ which is a pale purple color. I would have preferred a pale skin colored powder as the purple can make me look sick. But it's a pretty nice highlighter and nicely counteracts slightly too strong yellow tones in a few foundations and BB Creams I want to use. I use this only on the center of my forehead, chin, nose bridge and below my eyes and this way it works nicely.
Came with a free full-sized refill and a ton of freebies.
The other colors available are light ++ (a yellow-toned light beige) and light+ (a medium yellow-toned beige).

According to the description light+++ is suitable for skintone #13 (the lightest), whereas light++ would fit #13-21 and light+ fits #21-23. So basically a range of about NC15-30 can wear the Light On Pact.
I tried a sample in color light++ but it's a bit too yellow and slightly too dark for me.
The Light On Pact comes with a puff but I prefer a brush as I use this on spots and don't want to use the full coverage strength of this.

Retails for 55000 Won for 11g (according to seller) but I purchased it for 25000 incl. a refill and freebies.

-My Ball Cubical Face Blusher:

This comes in the most adorable cool mauve compact with the JJ logo in the middle. There is a brush included tucked neatly into the cap of the blusher.

The blush has some glitter dusted on the Jadilla J logo but it wipes off with the first use and leaves a soft matte color behind.
The pigment in this is sheer-medium and can be layered. I prefer my blushes on the sheerer side as I can easily overdo it on my pale skin but darker skin-tones might find the pigment unsatisfactory.
This has a very faint scent and applies smoothly with a silky feeling I really adore.
There are 4 colors and I am extremely pleased with #3 Slim Pink. It's a very pretty peachy pink but not too warm or orange. It's a very flattering shade for me.

Retails for 35000 Won but sells for 22000 Won on Gmarket including a bunch of freebies. I already ordered #01 which is a true cooler pink.

-Starshot Powder Cubical Face:

This is a loose glitter in a cute little bottle. The swatches in the Gmarket item description looked more like a loose metallic taupe but it's a light golden beige glitter. It's pretty but I am not a big glitter user so it won't get used all that much. I can see that it would be pretty on top of neutrals or eyeliner for special occasions.

Supposed retail is 30000 Won whereas it sells for 20000 Won on Gmarket incl. freebies like the other items.

The freebies I received are:

-4x Cover Multi Face:

This contains 2 concealers and 1 highlighter and I have to say I love this thing! The highlighter is a sheer golden dry cream, the 2 concealers are a very pigmented and creamy peach-toned concealer and a bit sheerer pink-toned concealer. Both concealers are light and match my skin perfectly (oddly they look darker in the pot and on the pic!). I like to use the more pigmented one under my eyes and the pinker-toned on my cheeks and chin to cover a few red bumps I have there.

-3x Jelly Tint Long Lasting & Cristal:

I am not a fan of lip tints as many have an orangey tinge or go on unevenly. The Jelly Tint is a beautiful pigmented cherry red tinted gel that gives a gorgeous stain that really lasts and doesn't come off easily.
Looks pretty on its own or with a layer of light pink shimmery gloss!
Has a light fruity scent (reminds me of grapes..).
This seems to be full size (looks like a regular large lipgloss tube)

-3x Whitening BB Plus SPF30 PA++:
I received 3 sample tubes of the BB Cream in #1 which allowed me to try out the BB Cream before opening the big tube.

-2x BB Concealer (typo on the packaging: Concerler):

A light yellow pigmented concealer in a regular wand-type tube. It's a tad yellow but works for under my eyes as it's light enough.

-1x Light On Pact Refill in light+++

-4x Cubical Face sample kits in a cute pink box containing:

+Skinguard Makeup Base sachet in Natural Skin Green
+Skinguard Foundation in Bright Skin Tone
+Water For Skin Base in Essence Clear

+Dear Shine Base in
Dear Gold Pearl
+Mini Compact of Light On Pact in Light++

+Small folded catalogue

The Jelly Tint, BB Concealer and Cover Multi Face seem to be only available as GWPs as I don't see them listed in the small brochure. But the little pamphlet might be incomplete.
I just ordered mascara and eyeliner, a blush and their Original Pact and BB Cream kit (which looks very different from the rest of the line and is not listed in the small catalogue).

All in all I am very happy with my Jadilla J lot ad will monitor if new thing are being released.
Jadilla J has an official website but I can't seem to find any product lineup or other information to click on.

Some pics from the little catalogue:


RED majexty said...

Another awesome korean brand it seems! You keep tempting me into buying lots from gmarket. :'(

psychedelico13 said...

wow that's very generous of the seller to include so many freebies! :)

Kathi said...

All Jadilla J items come with a bunch of freebies unless they´re like 50% off or there is another promotion going on
(e.g. I just purchased their mascara & eyeliner buy 2 get 1 free).
I think the freebies come by default by the company. The other VOV items the seller has listed come with free lippies, lipglosses, lash curlers etc., too

cerys@cariadbeauty said...

I was just wondering how much you purchased all this for? I can't understand any of the website, but would really like to order some stuff. Thanks :)

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