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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lavshuca Fall 2008

To me the Lavshuca Fall 2008 collection looked interesting when I spotted first pics online.
Especially the new eyeshadow duos and lipsticks caught my eye.
It seems that many girls aren't that excited about the new duos but I am and they're quite nice in my opinion!

Lavshuca is now sticking with their dark reddish purple packaging and I really prefer this over the pink/white compacts and cases they used before. It makes Lavshuca look cute but not too sweet so it has a slight naughty princess image for me.

-Dual Eyes:

At first I thought the color combinations look all ugly except BR-2 which seemed to be the perfect taupe duo for me (I mentioned before that I am a sucker for taupes, right?)
After seeing more swatches most of the palettes looked attractive so I ended up with 5 of the 8 available options and other 3 palettes look good enough to own, too!

They come in small pretty compacts and contain 2.1g of color total.
The duos retail for 1300 Yen (+tax) which is about US$12. I ordered mine from adambeauty where they cost US$13 incl. shipping (less than €8 which is really cheap IMO) so they're a very affordable set of eyeshadows.
The texture is fine and silky and quite pigmented for my taste. The darker shade is daker than it looks in the pan at first and a bit more shimmery whereas the lighter shade looks more metallic.
The color combinations work very well together for easy elegant eye looks.

BR-2: Definitely the best color of the lot. Contains a very dark cool brown and a medium metallic taupe.

GN-1: Dark moss green and metallic beige

GN-2: Taupe-beige and light aqua (my least fave combo as I find it a bit hard to pull this off)

SV-1: Dark slightly blue-toned silver and off-white

BU-1: Dark charcoal and medium violet blue

The other colors are PK-1 (light pink/warm brown), BR-1 (brown/light yellow beige) and PU-1 (dark warm purple/ivory) available.

-Shiny Rouge:

While I love the Rouge Essence Bar lippies I am not a fan of the small Jewel lipsticks.
But I decided to give a try to Lavshuca's newest range of lipsticks called "Shiny Rouge". It comes in a pretty dark purple swivel-up stick and is available in 11 colors. It's a regular-sized 3.5g lipstick and retails for 1575 Yen (which is the price I paid from Xanadu shop).

I am not entirely convinced of the quality of this item. The texture is a bit waxy and scratchy due to the little glitters in the lipstick. I feel they're slightly drying so a good lip base is definitely needed to enhance the wear of these.
It's definitely not the best lipstick out there but the colors I picked are pretty and the wear is ok =)

RD-3: Sheer cherry red with little glitters. The glitters don't show too much so it's a very beautiful wearable color for every occasion.
BE-2: Soft pink-toned beige. Medium pigmented.
Both color leave a slightly glossy finish

-Powder Compact Eyebrow:

I don't know why I am always ordering eyebrow compacts. For some reason they appeal to me lol.
This comes in a cute dark purple compact and it's nice to have a pretty eyebrow compact as most of the ones I have come in pretty basic boring packaging (like Kate, Integrate, Visee).
Anyway, this makes a good basic eyebrow powder for daily use. It has good pigment and comes in 2 color combinations.
Each Powder Compact Eyebrow has 2 darker brow powders and a shading powder to use along inner part of the eye/side of the nose for more definition. Most Japanese eyebrow powders come with a lighter shading powder but I personally don't use that as I find it rather useless.

Comes with a good dual-ended brush and costs 1260 Yen for 3.7g (which will last you quite a while with daily use).
There is LB-1 (lighter/warmer browns) and BR-1 (darker browns). I chose BR-1 to go with my medium brown hair.

-Liquid Eye Liner Pencil:

I already have the Slim Liquid Liner from Lavshuca which is one of the finest eyeliners I ever found.
The new Liquid Eye Liner Pencil comes in the same style pen (feltpen) but has a wider shorter brush. It can draw a fine and wider liner easily but has the tendency to bleed a bit into fine lines so the line can get uneven.
The brush isn't stiff like Kate's Quick Eye Liner (which is total crap for me) so it's easier to manage drawing a straight line.
Still I'd say Kate's Supersharp liner in the best liquid eyeliner I know.
Costs 1050 Yen for 0.7ml.
Comes in black and brown of which I picked black BK-1.

Other new items for fall are eyeliner pencils, eyebrow pencils and a new liquid foundation range.


plue said...

oh wow!
i always read ur reviews in MUA, and I didn't know you have a blog!

Will be linking you to my blog and read for your reviews and thoughts here!

simply lovely! :D

心葵 @ plue

Kathi said...

Thanks =D ! Have fun reading my blog =)

KarlaSugar said...

It's all so beautiful! Lucky for me I don't have easy access to buy.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wanted to ask your opinion about this. I was making an order to Adambeauty (again..) and had my currency calculater there on the other page showing me how much xx HKD are in Euros. Then I checked the total: 474 Hong Kong dollars was about 39 euros, but at checkout you're shown the total in USD too(which is the currency u also pay in) and that was 72 which was about 47 Euros! So suddenly I'm losing 10 euros cos I can't pay in HKD..?! Damn..

Kathi said...

I'd contact adambeauty to inquire

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