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Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Cathy Cat Colorist

As you might have already spotted on my previous Gmarket order pic I received a bunch of cute Cathy Cat Colorist items. Really, I am very convinced that Cathy Cat is one of the best quality and most uniquely packaged Korean brands so it's very worth picking a few items up if you have the chance to (LOVING their Glitz Ball Shadow Duos!)

An item I spotted on eBay for some time for about US$40 and that I had been lemming was the Glitz Shimmer Brick. Thanks to Gmarket it's now mine for less than half the price. Gotta love Gmarket! I also got 2 more Glitz Ball Shadows for about US$10/each (they sell for close to US$30 on ebay! Yikes!) and a World Tour Eyes eyeshadow trio, alone for the cute name and compact (for about US$16)!

-Glitz Shimmer Brick:

Comes in a cute black compact with "Glitz Shimmer Brick" written all over it in colorful letters. The product itself is a shimmery blush or highlighter consisting of 4 colors with very finely milled intense shimmer. To me this has more use as a highlighter as 3 colors are too pale and the small color stripe needs a lot of swiping to give enough pigment. It does work as a soft blush but it's better to use as a highlighter. For both uses it's very pretty and even as eyeshadows the 3 lighter colors work perfectly and are really brightening.

I think this is a baked product so the texture isn't soft or silky but gives good pigment.
There are 2 colors, pink and orange. I chose #1 Pink but honestly there isn't much pink in this, it's more of a beige combinations with rosy tones.

-World Tour Eyes:

This was another lemming for a month or so before I gave in. I just fell for the super cute suitcase-style compact and the pretty cloud and plane arrangement of the shadows.
This is a lovely but quite sheer shimmery eyeshadow trio. The darker color has more pigment.

This product is almost too pretty to use! But I have to admit that the Glitz Quilt Shadow and Glitz Ball Shadow range are a bit better and more pigmented.
Nonetheless the texture of this is very soft and fine indicating that it's a high-quality shadow trio.
There are 2 colors available (and I saw a 3rd discontinued one before, too) and I picked #02 (but have #01 on the way here, too, so will review soon!).
#02 is a pretty combination of pistachio green, ivory and taupe brown.

-Glitz Ball Shadow:

I have already reviewed 2 colors of this here. As I reviewed there the shadow duos are very pigmented and soft to the touch and deliver a really beautiful very fine shimmery result.
While I paid US$16 from a seller last time (still about half the price of what they retail on eBay) this time I paid retail (just about US$10/each and they're worth every cent!).
The Glitz Ball Shadow Duos come in a variety of 13 color duos so there is a good selection to choose from.

#4: A neutral golden brown duo good for a neutral shimmery eye

#13: The online swatch of this looks quite pale and I actually don't know why I chose this one. But I was stunned when I opened the box as this duo has a very pretty unique shimmery purple-y taupe and baby pink. A gorgeous combination and I am happy that I ordered this.

I have #8 and 12 on the way, too and hope to receive within the next 3-4 days (reviews will follow as soon as I got the items)

Overall I have to say Cathy Cat is one of my favorite 3 Korean makeup brands (Etude House, Banila Co and Cathy Cat Colorist) as they stand out from the rest with their beautiful range of products.


Anonymous said...

can you do a post on how you organize everything?
i'd love to see your entire collection!

Kathi said...

I did a post with pics of my stash (and how it's organized) already. =D

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