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Friday, October 17, 2008

News from Gmarket (Paypal Express Checkout)

I just placed an order using the Paypal Express Checkout. It was super easy and the order shows now "Shipping Preparation" right after submitting the order. I also received a confirmation email by Paypal. I will see if they refund me the excess shipping costs if my package weighs less than the estimation =D I'll update to tell you if I got Cash Balance or a Paypal refund.

A reader pointed out to me that there is a new payment method available on Gmarket: Paypal Express Checkout.
That's a huge improvement as it means your order will be confirmed right after sending your payment instead of having a pending payment for 1-2 days.

I have NOT tried this out yet but it seems that the Express Checkout is pretty much the same as other websites like Adambeauty are using.
You place your order and will be directed to Paypal's website right away where you can just go ahead with your payment (order number etc. already filled out) so your payment will be confirmed right with your payment.
Gmarket also says that you can get refunds/partial refunds to Paypal this way so I am hopeful we might be able to get the overpaid shipping costs refunded to our Paypal. That would make Gmarket shopping 100000 times neater!

Here are the steps taken from Gmarket, I think they're pretty much explaining how it works =D


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi, thanks for replying to my question. I tried the paypal system, and got my order confirmed, but I did not receive any email from paypal that they have taken the payment. )):

At the same time, when I check back on MY GMARKET, the order doesn't show.

If you've tried on the new system already, so let me know how did yours work out k?

Thanks Kathi! :D


Kathi said...

I am sure it'll be fine and you'll see the confirmation soon. Have you checked your paypal account if the money has been deducted?

Unknown said...

Kathi!!! YOu star!!!!

I was just about to order then i saw your post.

Gooooooood news indeedy!

Thanks a million for this post.

Anonymous said...

Hurray!! Finally a normal way to pay gmarket! I love the site for the Korean makeup, but I found it a bit difficult to use...

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about a gmarket purchase for a while but haven't been able to go through with it. A Paypal refund for overpaid shipping charges might just be the push I need. Please let us know if that's where they reimburse you. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

hi, I got the same problem as ferli & i didn't know what else to do so i resubmitted my order (& did that for 4x!) Now I've 4 of the same orders showing on my Incomplete Order list (says Awaiting Payment.) I also used the Paypal Express. Emailed 2 enquiries to Gmarket but no replies (today's the 2nd day.) My Paypal acc also shows no $ deducted. Can anyone advise/help? Btw, Kathi Im the one who emailed u (at abt this problem earlier today since I didn't see these comments. Thank U fr yr time- jenny

Unknown said...

Oh no! Kathi I am having the same problem as Ferli and Jenchin.

Everything is in my incomplete orders and no money has been taken.

I want to cry!

Anonymous said...

Please let us know how it's working. I would like to start ording some from gmarket. thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi, thanks for all the tips!
But I have a question...
I tried using Paypal Express Checkout, my order has already been processed and shipped, and I got some extra money credited back to me in my cash balance.
Was wondering if you know how could I transfer it back to my paypal account?

squishedpuppy said...

Kathi, hi, I'm having the same problem as Glow Chaser, Ferli and Jenchin.. Nothing has been deducted from my Paypal account and my order on Gmarket still shows awaiting payment! It's a few hundred bucks worth of stuff.. *cries*
I emailed you already, please help! Thank you so much in advance <3


Shan said...

Kathi, hi, I'm having the same problem as Glow Chaser, Ferli, Jenchin and squishedpuppy.. i'm totally stuck. my 1st time using paypal and gmarket.. please help me.

Anonymous said...

hi Kathi,
I'm having the same problem with jenchin and I really want to cry because I confirmed it twice and now I have 2 orders in my incomplete orders said 'awaiting payment'

please help me!
my e-mail is
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

hi kathi,
i'm really in confused way on ordering on gmarket...
its my first time using paypal express but i got same trouble with jenchin,etc
tht my paypal didn't deduct and my order in incompleted order was canceled...
ur blog about gmarket really help meso much...n ur review about some korean brand really help much...

my emai is

really thanks for your help...

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am also having a problem using PayPal Express. I paid via Paypal Express and my money got deducted. My echeck is sent to Gmarket but when I went to check my Gaccount, there was no money. I asked Gmarket what happen to my money and they just reply that they never received it. So, it's been a week and still no money in my Gaccount when the echeck is already sent. So what happen and what do I do? Please help if you can.

yileen said...

Hi, i was wondering whether i could pay by posb savings by paypal in gmarket.


devilsangel54 said...

It didn't work for me, I mean nothing popped-up except this message in Korean that I clicked "OK" to.

AnXa said...

I was about to place a order through the PayPal in GMarket but when the PayPal popup appreared and I logged in it didn't show the item or the amount of money that would be withdrawn so I pressed cancel button. Can anyone verify if the GMarket Paypal system works at all or is it just broken like the most of the site is anyway when using browsers other than Internet Explorer?

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