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Friday, October 3, 2008

Cathy Cat Apple skincare

Even though I am VERY pleased with my Banila Co, Skin Food and Etude House skincare (I mainly use Banila right now... check my review here) I had no chance resisting buying a few items from Cathy Cat as they looked very pretty on the pics online.

I decided to order the Apple Fresh Light Skin Softener (basically a toner), their Apple Eye Ring Pleasure Eye Serum and their Apple Aqua Fresh Facial Cream.

-Apple Fresh Light Skin Softener 150ml:

This comes in a super pretty iridescent pink heavy glass bottle. It looks like white glass with fine pink shimmers under bright lights.
The skin softener is a basic liquid toner that feels refreshing when I use it. It also takes care of the last mini rests of makeup I might still have on after using cleansing oil and and a foaming cleanser.
I paid somewhere around 14000 Won

-Apple Eye Ring Pleasure Eye Serum 30ml:

This is a lightweight but nonetheless moisturizing eye fluid. It makes a great base under eye makeup as it's light and not greasy.
The cute iridescent pink/white glass bottle contains a generous 30ml which is about double the amount of most other eye creams.
I think I paid around 15000 Won

Apple Aqua Fresh Facial Cream 50ml:

I think this is the star in the series. It's a very huge bulky glass pot with a white cover flashing pink forming an apple shape.
The cream is actually a gel cream so it's lightweight and sinks into my skin quickly but gives a good deal of moisture to it. My skin feels super soft when I use this so I just want to touch it all the time =)

The coolest thing is the included spatula. I love spatulas but hate how I lose them all the time in my bathroom. Cathy Cat solved that problem and made one side magnetic. You can just attach it to the center of the pot and it will adhere making it look like an apple leaf. So cute! It's a good strong magnet so the spatula really stays in place. How nifty is that? Gotta love the Koreans for their inventive ideas!

The pot set me back 20200 Won (less than US$20 at current exchange rate)

All items carry a soft scent. I hoped it would be a crisp apple scent but indeed everything smells like a soft version of D&G Light Blue. A nice perfume but it's the only small rant I have as I prefer unscented or lightly scented face care instead.

I ordered everything from the same seller that sells Banila Co (check my Gmarket sellers list). While the seller was really generous with samples the small pet peeve I have is that he packed EVERY SINGLE ITEM in an extra box. I got a super huge but very lightweight EMS last week and wondered why it was so huge.. so when I opened I found every item in a box (even the Banila Co Eyeliners etc. were all packed separately)... my EMS box was full of 11 (or so) other small boxes. Crazy!


Unknown said...

I saw these!! I was hoping that you would review them...i am such a sucker for gel creams! They are sooooooo gooooood!

Usagi Chan said...

Those glass bottles are seriously cute! :D

Anonymous said...

so tempting! do you prefer this cream or Etude Moistfull's? I want sth that's super moisturising~~

Kathi said...

I think the Cathy Cat one is slightly more moisturizing and leaves no sticky feeling. The Etude House one smells better though =)

Anonymous said...

Can you please list the ingredients for the gel cream? Thanks and cheers!

Kathi said...

I can´t, they´re not listed in English

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