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Friday, October 24, 2008

Tony Moly Rice Cleansing Oil & Honey Bubble Foam Cleanser

Since my Skin Food Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil is nearly finished I decided to try the Rice Cleansing Oil from Tony Moly. And because I am a sucker I got a bottle of their Honey Bubble Foam Cleanser, too.

I have great luck with Tony Moly's skincare so far so I thought giving their cleansing oil a shot won't hurt.

-The Rice Cleansing Oil comes in a square bottle in an acid green color and a pump dispenser. The pump is a huge improvement over the Skin Food Oil as using a squeeze bottle for liquids isn't really that interesting (yea, drowned my hand in cleansing oil this way before...very wasteful).

For 7800 Won (less than US$6) you get a whopping 245ml of cleansing oil. I think that's quite affordable for the amount you get.

The Rice Cleansing Oil has a rather light non-greasy texture. It feels more like a slightly oily liquid gel. The scent is fresh but carries a very light alcohol note, too. I am not sure if it contains alcohol as the ingredients are written in Korean though.
The cleansing power of this is really good, I just rub some on my dry face (with dry hands), then with a bit of water I emulsify it and then rinse it off. I follow with a bit of a foam cleanser and my face is clean without any makeup traces left.
Overall I quite like this except for the alcohol smell. I am not sure if I'd repurchase it, I'll probably try something else next time (I have an eye on that Lotree Cleansing Oil....)

-The Honey Bubble Foam Cleanser is one of those cleansers that comes out of the bottle as foam so it's really fun.
I haven't had one of those for my face yet, only bought the ones for my kids as they love using it to wash their hands and in the bathtub.

Anyway, the Honey Bubble Foam Cleanser comes in a
huge bottle with a cute vintage print.
The pump dispenses the foam evenly, about 1-2 pumps are enough for my face.
What I really like about this is that it's the most moisturizing foamy face wash I found recently. It really leaves a very soft and moisturized feeling to my skin after washing it off.
The face wash carries a light scent, like a powdery honey scent. Not my favorite fragrance but not too bad either.
I think it cleanses my face well, I like to use it after the cleansing oil to remove any last traces of the oil.

The Honey Bubble Foam Cleanser retails for 8500 Won (about US$6.50) for a 150ml bottle.

Read more about my first venture into Tony Moly skincare here.


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