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Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 Lipstick Favorites: Etude Kissade & Tony Moly Berryberry Lovely Stick

I have to admit that I generally prefer Japanese lipsticks over Korean ones as their color selection and texture is just better in most cases.
However I found 2 lipsticks among my recent purchases I am really liking:
Etude Kissade Lipstick in PK002 and Tony Moly Berryberry Lovely Stick in WNLS01 (what a name!).
It seems that most Korean brands offer warmer and brighter colors, often with glitters so this seems to be rather popular in Korea. However I prefer muted colors with a sheer-medium pigmented texture and a little shimmer but no glitter.

-Etude Kissade Lipstick in PK002:

This comes in a cute dusty pink metal tube. I think it looks cute but not overly girly.
The texture is quite nice, rather moisturizing and lightweight and the shimmer is very subtle.

The color is a pretty muted pink which works very well with my pale complexion. It goes on slightly brighter than it looks in the tube so it makes my skin look more radiant.
The lipstick carries a light fragrance but it doesn't bug me at all.

I paid 6800 Won (seller miincos on Gmarket) (about US$5.70 right now) which is a steal (considering that's less than €5).

-Tony Moly Berryberry Lovely Stick in WNLS01:

I really love the cute tube this comes in! You just pull out the stick out of the huge cap with a cute little green ribbon.
The stick is a bit smaller than most other lipsticks but I wouldn't call it a mini lipstick (like Lavshuca's Jewel Lips)
The texture is really lovely and smooth and the finish is a semi-sheer satin cream.

The color I got is a pretty muted raspberry pink with very light brown tones. On me it looks pretty much like my lips but about 2 shades deeper.

I can't detect a strong scent at all which is always a plus for me.
I paid 6300 Won (Gmarket seller tonymoly1).

Both lipsticks wear well (about 3 hours or so) and feel comfortable and lightweight on my lips (I hate heavy waxy lipsticks).


Unknown said...

These do look cute (tomymoly) one. They remind me of Benefit's Shangri-la line a while back....those too were sheer! I like sheer.

plue said...

It's pretty! Hm... but i bought too much lippie recently >_<

And i like your new layout!


Pink Sith said...

Both of those colors look beautiful! Now I have new lemmings!! Thanks for posting!

Wombat said...

Wow those Tony Moly are actually complete ripoff of Benefit! haha...that's gold! Benefit ones arent that great though =)

Unknown said...

Very nice colors...specially i like to see Kissade pink...but too much expensive for me...

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