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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inexpensive Beauty Find: VOV Castledew Watershot Foundation

I am a devoted user of BB Creams now so I rarely use actual foundations. Of course that couldn't stop me from ordering a bottle of Castledew's Watershot Foundation. The main selling point was the color #19 which promised to be very pale so the chance it would be suiting me was very high (most Korean foundations come in #21 and 23 only, sometimes #21 fits me, sometimes not, depending on the brand.. anything lighter than #21 usually works for me).

The Watershot Foundation comes in a very pretty heavy glass bottle with a pump dispenser. For the fact that it only costs somewhere around 7000-8000 Won (US$7) for a 45ml bottle it looks quite well-made and elegant.

The foundation rocks. It really is fabulous! The color match #19 is near perfect, it's a very pale slightly yellow-toned foundation and spreads into a very pretty slightly glowy finish. It gives sheer-medium coverage which is the level of pigment I usually go for as my skin generally is quite even.
I think it's moisturizing and feels very comfy to wear. I am not sure how oily skins would react to this but for my normal-dry skin it's perfect.

The foundation spread on my hand:

The best is that the foundation looks very natural on me. It doesn't get cakey or mask-like and lasts most of the day on me (I always follow with a bit of concealer and powder and prep with base and/or a light layer of BB Cream).

The foundation carries a light powdery scent which is quite pleasant in my opinion.
All in all for about US$7 it couldn't be better! I am someone who is not shy to spend a lot of money on a good foundation but this US$7 one is really good =D
Castledew has convinced me once again that good makeup doesn't need to be super expensive!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi! I've only gotten my first BB Cream from Etude House this weekend. Can't wait to try it next week :) Sorry I haven't been commenting - I do read you though

Cheryl said...

Omg Castledew is actually so cheap?

I was really tempted to try the Makeup base.. for the foundation + makeup base, retails more than 20.2 USD here in SG :(

dawn. said...

HEY! ^^
Which is your favourite foundation, undereye concealer and pressed powder amongst all the brands you've tried?
Mann, you must have u huge collection by now!
Plan to have another clean-out sale soon?

So tempting to get the Jadilla items. just the packaging itself is enough to move anyone. LOL

dawn. said...

= = I thought I left a comment here...

Well anyway! ^^ I was hoping you could tell me ur fave foundation, undereye concealer and pressed powder [to bring out, etc ^^]

Your storage room must be exploding with all these beautiful items! ^^ Will u ever clean them out and have another sale?

Thanks for the reviews!

Kathi said...

Hi Sue,
I hope the BB Cream will work out for you =) For me it was just too dark but I keep reading good things about it.

Hi Sheryl,
yea, Castledew is a super cheap makeup range! A pity that they sell it so expensive in SG =( I bet if we had it here in Austria they´d charge us $35 per bottle hehe (and we have 20% sales tax!)

Hi Dawn, hard! My current favorite foundation is the CAstledew one (aside from various BB Creams).
I really can´t name a very favorite powder but the Covercom one from Sana is really great. But the Korean ones are not worse at all...hmmm so hard to decide!
For under eyes my fave is the 44 Dark Circle Concealer from Etude House. It reached HG Status for me!
I have good storage for my makeup but I already had to sort out and re-arrange very recently!
I want to list some stuff on Lotus Palace Sales soon, too! (have some BB Creams and stuff)


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was keen to try the Etude House concealer based on your reviews. It seems that it has been discontinued though, I can't seem to find it on Gmarket at all.

dawn. said...

Hey Kathi!
Mind telling me which seller on Gmarket you got it from ?

man.. its so hard to find something on gmarket. Cos its all korean... 0.0


Kathi said...

I purchased it from miincos but the price has gone up to 11000 Won.
I purchased a backup bottle and their green makeup base for 7200 Won/each from seller jk shop (item # 115150783) The current exchange rate makes this really cheap at only about US$5.25/each!

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