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Thursday, October 23, 2008

First venture into Clamue (Vlack)

I have discovered a new Korean brand. Yup, there seems to be still a load of brands I haven't tried yet =D

I ordered quite a bunch of stuff from Clamue (ahem, am I the only one who always thinks of Chlamydia when reading that name? ugh...not a good association) Anyways, I am not going to stuff everything into 1 review so I picked out the Vlack Silicone Highlight and Lovely Blush kit to write about first.

Baked highlighter? You knew I had to have it =D Especially since it's from a brand that I was totally unaware of.

The Vlack Silicone Highlight comes in a silky matte compact with a pink butterfly print (at least to me it looks like a butterfly).
It's not a spectacular case but it's pretty and of good quality.

The highlighter itself is very nice though. It has a pigmented shimmery finish with a silky texture.

The highlighter is made of a mixture of mint green, peach, silver and ivory but applies as a pretty translucent cream dewy shimmer which lasts most of the day long.
It's one of the better baked highlighters I have come across.

The Silicone Highlight comes with a free Lovely Blush and blush/highlighter brush.

The Lovely Blush is a matte bright pink with medium pigment. It gives a pretty fresh flush to my cheeks and lasts very well throughout the day. It comes in a very simple cheap looking white and clear case.

The little free brush is very cute with its pink handle and has quite soft bristles. It does a good job applying the highlighter or blush. However for highlighters I prefer my Etude House skunk brush.

I paid 25800 Won for the 3 items which is a bit on the pricier side (it's a bit less than US$20).
Overall the items are good but packaging could be improved. But it's the products that count more, right?


Pink Sith said...

That highlighter looks like what I thought the Missha Shimmering Oven Blusher was going to look like from the awful promo pics I have seen on ebay. But this one sounds MUCH better than the Missha! You have created yet ANOTHER new lemming!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind me posting a comment here unrelated to your post. I just read your old post on the Kose Visee collection and I'm interested in their liquid eyeliner (the one shaped like a pen). How did you find the staying power to be? Does it smudge/flake?


Kathi said...

Hi Elvira,
the MISSHA oven blusher is so hard and has little color pay-off... The Vlack highlighter is really nice. I will review another good one by Enprani soon =)

Hi Fiona,
are you referring to the Liquid Eyeliner N? The staying power is excellent and I don´t have any problems with smudging or flaking. Actually if you apply too many layers of the liner (I like to go over the same line 3-4 times) you´ll find traces of the liner left over even after removing it!

melanie said...

Hey Kathi! I know that you were saying there are a few you haven't found yet, but have you come across Prorance yet on Gmarket? I actually found it in a little Korean shop in Dallas, and they had a baked highlighter (way overpriced in the shop!) in a very cute case and I did see that it is on Gmarket for under $10!

I know how much you loved baked stuff so you might want to check out Prorance! :)

Kathi said...

Oh this Prorance stuff looks interesting =D I think I´ll add a few items to my next order =D

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