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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rita Rove W So Lightsome haul =)

I've been lemming this Rita Rove W kit for a month or so now and while I ordered several times from Gmarket I just never purchased this (don't ask me why!).

But finally the kit made it to me and I have to say I am very pleased with the items.
Supposedly you pay for the 2 powders compacts (448000 Won) and get a full-sized BB Cream and Concealer with the purchase plus the seller (miae90322) adds 4 other toiletries as gifts. I calculate that I paid about US$9/each item (excluding the 4 other GWPs) so it's a really good deal.

-W So Lightsome Powder Pact SPF20 (For all skin types, 20g):

This comes in the beautiful purple crystal compact similar to their blusher compact. It comes with a powder puff and a mirror.
The texture of the powder is very silky and fine and it feels very lightweight and pleasant. It offers about medium coverage and an even non-cakey finish. I can't detect a strong scent which is pleasant (no headaches like with Cathy Cat's powders!).

I think the powders stays on very well through most of the day (though now the weather is really cool so I can't say how well it will survive through humid/hot days).

The color I picked (#21) is a very light very slightly yellow-toned powder that works perfectly with my skin-tone.
I am very pleased with the Powder Pact and can really recommend it.

-W Shine Powder Pact (For all skin types, 21g):

This comes in the identical compact to the other powder.
The texture is similar, the only difference seems to be the addition of lots of finely milled glitter. I personally prefer glowy powders (like the baked ones) because the glitters in the W Shine Powder are a bit bigger and give more of a shimmery than a glowy finish.
I think the Shine Powder looks very pretty on a darker winter day but in bright sunlight the glitter is a bit too obvious for my taste.

I chose color #21 which is a great match for my skin. It seems to be a tad more yellow and a tiny bit darker than the regular powder pact.

-W So Lightsome BB Cream (for all skin types, 50ml):

So this supposedly comes free with the powders in the full-size tube. The tube is a pretty simple light matte purple squeeze-tube with a white cover.
The W So Lightsome BB Cream has the typical slightly thick texture and very pale slightly grayish pink-undertoned beige color that works so well with my complexion. The coverage it offers is sheer-medium and there is no real perfume I can detect (which is unusual as most BB Creams are scented).
All in all this is a good BB Cream and well worth earning a place in my collection =) (I will post a swatch of this and a bunch of other new BB Creams in my next "BB Creams: Quick Comparison V")

-W So Lightsome Concealer:

The W So Lightsome Concealer is the other freebie and is housed in a purple swivel-out tube. It's one of those quite hard dry concealers that adhere extremely well to pimples or other kinds of small spots. It's not suitable really for under-eye circles or to cover bigger red areas due to the hard a bit difficult to spread formula.
The color it comes in (only 1 shade available) works perfectly with my natural skin tone and this concealer is really great to cover the occasional blemish I get on my chin.

All in all I am very happy with the lot and the items are of really great quality.

The other 4 freebies that came with the kit are a small pamphlet containing sample sachets of Rita Rove W So Lightsome makeup base and foundation (the lightest foundation is way too yellow and dark for me btw but the green makeup base seems to be quite nice), a pack of Purederm Makeup Remover Wipes, a package of cotton pads and a Purederm Korean Herb sheet mask (this one is quite good).


Unknown said...

you are killing me missus.........i am going back to gmarket! Hey might see you there...look out for me. I am wearing a red vinyl hat.

Anonymous said...

It's my first time reading ur blog, quite impressive and interesting. I was reading the reviews of bb cream, and wondering which one so far works best for you? and do you recommend any online stores where we may find the various bb cream products. Thanks alot!

Kathi said...

I think my faves are Lotree, Hanskin and Jadilla J/Castledew right now.
You can buy everything on Gmarket (I posted a lot about it, check the labels) or you can buy from eBay (for like 2-3x the price)

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