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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lotree SPF21 BB Primer Tinted Control Base & Shimmer Bling Face

I won't go into details of the Lotree BB Cream. I reviewed it here already and here you can see a swatch.
I just wanted to show off how pretty the full-size tube looks =P
And it came with a highlighting powder called Shimmer Bling Face in a kit for 29000 Won.

I admit that I didn't need the full-sized BB Cream now. I still have plenty of my deluxe 16ml size left =) But it has become one of my fave BB Creams and I wanted to have that darn Shimmer Bling Face thingy hehe =) (It comes free with some of the other Lotree items, too, but I thought having the full-sized 50ml tube wouldn't hurt really).

The Shimmer Bling Face turned out to be a baked highlighting powder. I am delighted! In the pics it looked like a regular pressed highlighter but it's baked =D It's quite pigmented and silky for a baked powder product and leaves a beautiful soft glow on my face.
It's even lovely to look at it with its pink and green flecks of color =D

I haven't seen this listed alone so I believe it only comes packed with other items (like their face powders or pore filling base).
It's smaller than most other baked compacts (they have the tendency to be bulky) and comes in a quite heavy shiny metallic purple case.

I purchased this from the Lotree seller listed in the Gmarket Sellers list.

PS Tomorrow is my exam so I should be back blogging more (I have lots of new stuff to write about)


Unknown said...

"shimmer" and facial "bling" are buzz words for me.....Must contact my supplier about this one!

Thanks for yet another excellent post!

Pink Sith said...

OK. Now I MUST learn to order from gmarket! Shimmer bling? Magical words to me!!

Unknown said...

Hello Kathi!

I had to tell you! I did it!! I made my first gmarket order with much help from your blog! thanks a billion!!!!

I hope it all goes ok!

Kathi said...

woohoo! Congrats =) I am sure all will work out great =)

beautyparler said...

Beautiful Packaging!

Ariel said...

which do u think is better? the shimmer bling face thing or mac mineralize skin finish?

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