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Monday, September 15, 2008

Banila Co The Mineral Surprise skincare range

I've been test-driving Banila Co The Mineral Surprise skincare stuff over the past month and now feel qualified to review it (skin-care for daily use requires more testing to see if I will react or not).

I have already reviewed The Mineral Surprise Essential Serum which I really love as it makes my skin super soft and generally improved my skin-texture.

It didn't take me long to debate with myself... I decided to get the complete skin-care range to see if it's as good as the serum.

All items come in sleek simple white pump-bottles except for the Cleansing Foam which comes in a white squeeze tube. I like the basic packaging though I don't mind girlier and cuter packaging =D

All items have a light fragrance but it's very soft and supple so it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

-The Mineral Surprise Cleansing Essence:

This is a cleansing milk (to remove face makeup) and the only product in the range that doesn't really convince me. You should take quite a big amount, spread it over your face, massage it and then take it off with a tissue. I am just not a big cleansing milk user as I prefer cleansing oils. Also this doesn't cleanse my skin thoroughly enough so I don't use this product that often.
10000 Won for 120ml.

-The Mineral Surprise Foam Cleanser:

The Foam Cleanser is a very gentle face wash which doesn't dry out my skin. It lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean but not tight. I use this in the morning alone or at night after removing my makeup with cleansing oil.
10000 Won for 120ml

-The Mineral Surprise Essential Softener:

This is a skin softener in a thin gel texture. You should either pat it on with your hands or with a cotton pad. It is more or less a toner but not so runny and not harsh at all. I feel refreshed when i use this and think my skin is wonderfully prepped for the last 2 steps of the skin care routine.
18000 Won for 120ml

-The Mineral Surprise Essential Serum:

I already reviewed this thoroughly here.
23000 Won for 30ml

-The Mineral Surprise Essential Cream:

This is a lightweight gel-cream to be used as the last step of the skincare regimen. I think this really gives the final boost of moisture and nutrition to my skin. I think this would be most suitable for anyone with normal skin-slightly oilier skin but won't probably be rich enough if you need serious moisture.
For me it's perfect as my skin feels soft but not greasy and my skin absorbs the whole cream nicely after a few mins.
22000 Won for 50ml

All in all I am very happy with Banila Co's The Mineral Surprise skincare range. The only thing they're missing is an eye cream. Banila Co has a cleansing oil available called "Cleansing Pearl Oil" which I'll definitely try out soon.

Someone kindly pointed out to me that Gmarket seller
hs005491 (페어리퀸) has most Banila Co stuff listed and ships internationally! (I wasn't able to locate Banila Co sold internationally on Gmarket so far!)


Unknown said...

Thanks for this post! I fancy trying these out after I have got through my recent hauls x hahaha

Anonymous said...

unfortunately ive been searching all over gmarket and that seller isnt seling binal co items to internationally anymore *pout*

i need to find a korean domestic service online if u know of any...please let me know

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