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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cathy Cat...various items

My Cathy Cat stash is constantly growing and there are only very few disappointing items so far. Really, the overall quality is really great and the line is after all quite affordable =)

Today I'll review a lot of stuff I received 2 or 3 weeks ago. 3 of the items are really good while 1 is a pure disappointment.

-Foxy Eyes:

I wanted to try one of Cathy Cat's eyeshadow singles for long time now as I really love their eyeshadow quints, duos and trios so I was absolutely sure that the singles would be striking.

However the one I got is not. I got the Foxy Eyes shadow in R348 as it looked like a metallic taupe on the swatch. Unfortunately it's a warm strange brown that doesn't work for me. I don't have to worry too much about the color though as the color pay-off is so little that it doesn't really show up anyway. It has indeed a sort of metallic finish if you're able to dig into the super hard rough shadow at all.

Costs 8000 Won and is definitely NOT worth it. I can't say if the other colors might be nicer though!

-Eyebrow Pact:

As I wrote before in other posts I have a strange passion for eyebrow powder compacts. So I was very tempted to buy the one from Cathy Cat and obviously gave in my lemming finally =)
The Eyebrow Pact contains 2 eyebrow powders and 2 applicators in a mirrored sleek black compact.

The powders are medium pigmented (I prefer this over super-pigmented brow powders as it looks more natural) and both colors work very well with my medium brown hair color. Filling in my brows is very easy with the silky powders and the result is natural and pretty.
I finish with Etude's Brow Fix Coat and my brows stay in place perfectly all day long.

Doing my brows is a very essential step in my makeup routine!
I paid about 14000 Won for mine and chose color 01 Brown (I see no other colors listed in this seller zelstory's shop).

-Brightening Dual Concealer:

I believe this is meant mainly for the eye area just like Etude House's Dark Circle Concealer. The Brightening Dual Concealer comes with a lipstick-type concealer one one side and a creamy one on the other side. I first use the solid concealer all around my eyes and then the liquid one below my eyes for added concealing strength.
The solid side is a bit sheer but brightens my lids nicely. The creamy side has more pigment and is a bit lighter in color so it does the concealing job better (this one is also nice to use on other parts of the face).

Using both sides together gives me a fresh awake look. I got color #20 which is the palest one (I know there were also #25 and #30 one of them being green.. they only sell #20 now though).

I do have to admit that I still prefer my Etude House Dark Circle Concealer though!
I paid 11800 Won for this.

-Creamy Tender Lips R510:

This is the 3rd lipstick from Cathy Cat I own (but I only like 2) and it's a really pretty color.
The tube of the Creamy Tender Lips is rather simple (basic smooth shiny black) but sleek.

The formula of this is creamy and sheer. The scent is a bit strong but it fades after some time. The staying power is fine in my opinion.

The one I got is color #R510 which is a pretty cool lavender-undertoned shimmery rose.
I paid 11800 Won.

I have a bunch of more Cathy Cat stuff to be reviewed soon (incl. their newest Glow Moisture Cake). =)


Usagi Chan said...

Hey Kathi!
I would lve to know more about this brand. Can you help me find any online stores/sites to read about it or even buy a thing or two? :D

Kathi said...

I got everything from Gmarket. Please check Gmarket and my posts about Gmarket (also sellers listed)

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