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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Etude House Makeup Brushes

I use the same good old brushes for many years now and I am pleased with them (some MAC, some Clinique, Laneige and no-name brushes) however short ago I decided to branch out a bit and add 5 new brushes to my stash as they looked really cute with their fat short matte black handles and because they're from Etude House, one of my favorite brands =)

I decided to get 5 brushes, priced from 3500 Won-8000 Won so they're really inexpensive hence no big problem if they happened to be crap.

While these aren't the most fantastic brushes on the planet all of them are quite nice and absolutely usable. The bristles are natural hair or synthetics and they feel soft and not too scratchy. They do shed a bit when they're new but just a few hairs. I have to wash them to try out how they'll stand the process of washing and drying. I will update if they're not holding up well.

-Eye Contour Brush:

This is a rather wide soft shadow brush made of pony hair. This works great to apply a wash of eyeshadow or blend eyeshadows. For me personally it's a bit too wide to use it for contouring but that might be just my preference or eye shape.

3500 Won

-Oblique Shadow Brush:

This has nearly the same width as the Eye Contour brush but the brush is angled so it works better for eye socket contouring for me.
The brush is made of pony hair.

3500 Won

-Powder Brush:

A wide dense powder brush made of goat hair. It distributes powder evenly but could be a tad bit softer. However it does work well and gave me a non-cakey even powder application.

8000 Won

-Blush Contour Brush:

This is like a thinner less dense version of the powder brush. Applies my blusher evenly. This brush picks up just enough pigment for my taste and doesn't give a streaky or blothy finish at all.
This is made of goat hair, too.

7000 Won

-Dual Fibre Cheek Brush (Glow):

This brush is probably the star of the Etude House brushes. It's a skunk brush which is great to use for highlighters or pigmented blushes. I use this now as my highlighter brush and love the very soft glowy finish this gives. My highlighter looks better than before due to the lighter and airier application.
The brush feels almost like velvet when it touches my skin so it's very very soft and nice to use.
This is made of a mix of goat hair and synthetic fibers.

8000 Won

All brushes come in clear plastic protection pouches.

Overall the brushes are good and definitely worth their money. Etude House also offer a brush set with a pouch for 20000 Won (about US$18) containing 5 brushes in travel sizes. However the brush set looks pretty much like my Laneige travel brush kit so I skipped it (Etude and Laneige are both owned by Amore Pacific if I am not wrong).

I see a total of 19 different brushes (14 from their regular brush line) on Etude House's website incl. a cute pink kabuki brush I might have to try next.
The prices range from 1500 Won - 12000 Won (for the kabuki brush)


Laura L said...

yeah, the brush are just nice...I have a set of them too..
this Etude House brand had just newly opened stores in Malaysia...

currently I'm trying on the etude house pore diet series...

but i'm still a big fan of skinfood, just wanna try on more items.

but some how Etude house items in malaysia is cheaper than skinfood items.. besides, the face shop, raspberry sleeping mask is nice too...

plue said...

Hi Kathi,

Do you think the dual fibre brush can be used for liquid foundations or cream blushers? Cuz I am looking for an inexpensive stippling brush for my liquid foundations in order to get that air brush effect.



Kathi said...

I would love to have an Etude House store near my place, too =( But ordering online is fun anyways hehe =D

Hi Plue,
I don't think I can help you as I always use my fingers for foundation application so I can't tell you for sure if it would work with cream products. Sorry!

Miss V said...

hiii.. I was wondering where to buy the brushes online??

Unknown said...

Hi..Kathi pl.can u tell me from where i can by Makeup brushes in Malaysia..not online..Thanks.


NaziraMahmud said...

hi.. want to know.. where can i buy the fibre brush online? thank you,,

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