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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Etude House Fall 2008

I've been testing all the new Etude House fall goodies I got yesterday now so I can give my first reviews and thoughts. Some might be astonished that I am already reviewing them but honestly when it comes to color makeup I am quick with my decisions. If the formula and/or color doesn't work for me then it generally won't be better next time. It doesn't happen often to me that a color makeup item I dislike will work better next time (with foundations/powders it's a different story though).

Anyways, the Etude House fall 2008 collection contains some very purchase-worthy items and some you can safely skip.

I will start with the items I don't like and end with the cream of the crop:

-Lash Designing Vitcara Curl version (in blue tube):

I didn't like the regular Vitcara and the new Lash Designing Vitcara is the same crap. It comes with a better comb similar to Ettusais' Strong Separate Mascara but the formula just sucks. It contains lots of fibers which is a fact I am generally not too fond of... the result are uneven yucky looking thin lashes. Very ugly!

Etude House can do wonderful mascaras but this one is really bad.
This came with a free pack of cotton pads and a travel-sized Mascara Remover (this stuff is great btw! I reviewed it already!)

-Eye Mix & Stick:

This comes with a cream shadow stick on one side and an eyeliner pencil on the other. I chose #02 which has a beautiful light shimmery taupe and a dark purpley brown liner. However, the stick shadow is super sheer and creases like hell. To add to the desaster the eyeliner pencil is very soft (which could be a good thing) but in this cases it means zero staying power. Really, while doing my eyemakeup I had to re-apply this about 3 times just to find by the end of doing my face makeup half of the liner had already disappeared again.

I used this as it was recommended so the zilch staying power of the pencil is probably to blame on the greasy cream shadow underneath but as it didn't perform like it should it gets a 1 lipstick rating from me.

The following items get a so-so rating from me:

-Plumping Lip Tint:

This is basically a super sheer lipgloss in a bulky little bottle with spatula applicator which has a nice glossy finish and a slightly cooling feeling. However the yucky bubblegum scent turns me off a bit and since there is almost no pigment in this it's pretty much like any other clearish lipgloss.

It's not a bad product at all but it just isn't outstanding.
I got #02 which is the lighter pink version. The redder color might be better as it probably has more pigment.

-Duo Lip Highlighter:

This comes with a light golden beige toned pencil on one side and a clear lipgloss with white glitters on the other.
The pencil is nice and gives a highlight to my lip contours but it's not an essential step in my makeup routine. The gloss is like a gazillion other glosses out there.

Together they create the illusion of slightly fuller lips but any clear gloss can give you this effect.
All in all a product I can live without.

-Brightening Eyes Duo:

This comes in a pot with ivory-colored cream in the bottom and a light salmon colored concealer in the cover.
I don't really understand the use of the cream. The box says this is a primer to apply on the lids and below eyes to moisturize and cover discolorations. However the cream has absolutely no pigment to cover anything so I suppose it's some type of eyecream? I wouldn't mind a good eyecream but this stuff makes the included concealer go on blotchy so a lot of blending and patting is needed. It doesn't make a decent primer for eyeshadow though (tried it alone, too).

The concealer side however is really good. It's a medium-coverage very pale salmon pasty concealer (it looks much darker in the pan than it is when applied) that does a nice job of covering my (not very severe) eye circles. If you have really dark circles you might want something with more pigment though.

All in all I am a bit disappointed in this product. I used it twice and twice it didn't perform as I wanted it to.
I suggest you better get their 44 Dark Circle Concealer which is a much better product.

And the following products are really great and well worth purchasing:

-Dual Change Eyeliner:

This is a very slim liquid eyeliner similar to Integrate's slim liner but with a slightly softer and more flexible brush. This can draw a super precise line or according to the box this can draw a thick line if you use slightly more pressure on the brush.

This comes in black and is really a great item and worth purchasing.

-Perfect Brow Kit:

I love pretty brow compacts though not many ppl will share this passion with me. This comes in a very slim sleep dark purple mirrored compact and comes with 2 brow powders and a highlighter powder to use on your browbones. There is also a dual-ended applicator (mini eyeshadow brush and brow brush) and a small eyebrow coil brush included.

The brow powders have enough pigment to make natural looking brow definition a breeze for me. I have medium brown hair so the available color works well for me (I mix the 2 browns). The highlighter shadow is not the best as it's a bit chalky but it's not important to me at all.

-Face Designing Brightener:

This comes in a very slim compact, too. It looks sleek and is very convenient to take along.

I really love this highlighter. It gives a very soft pearly glow so there is no glitter involved at all. When I apply this with the dual fibre brush the result is just a perfect subtle highlight.
The powder has a very flattering light ivory color with a very light pink undertone.
Really gorgeous!

-Peach Cream Gloss:

The new Peach Cream Glosses are really fab, in particular color #01 Wine Cream. The texture of these is more creamy with good pigment and very comfortable wear. They last decently (about 2 hours without a touch-up) and leave my lips soft and moisturized. The finish is like a glossy liquid lipstick.

I am totally thrilled with color #01 Wine Cream as it's the most perfect cool dusty rose I've found to date. It's pure perfection for my skintone.
#03 Raspberry Cream is a pretty muted pink red and is a bit sheerer than the other color.
There is also an orangey color 02.

Overall the collection isn't that thrilling but the Peach Cream Glosses, Face Designing Brightener, Eyeliner and eyebrow powder are very worth picking up.
I think their Peach Collection from spring was far better though as most products were just fab!


Laura L said...

wow, nice items, G market really offers great items with great price, sigh~~ i dun have paypal or credit card...

I noticed that U have the black head series final kit, how is it?? can do some review about this etude house items??

thanks alot...
i love your blog so much, keep me updated with so many cute n wonderful things, thanks Kathi..

cheers ^ ^

Kathi said...

no I don´t have the Black Head kit...those are just cotton pads that come in that box with ads for the Black Head series =D

MiuMiu said...

Hey Kathi,
I'm in Seoul right now and I think I'm in heaven everytime I visit the Etude House stores! Anyway, I saw your review on the 44 Dark Circle Concealer and I can't seem to find it at any Etude House stores. Do you remember when it came out or if there was any news about it being discontinued?

Kathi said...

I've read your review on the Vitcara in your blog =D
I can see the Dark Circle Concealer still listed on the website. Maybe they're replacing it with the new Brightening Eyes Duo? I purchased mine just very recently and I would be irritated if they discontinue it now! =O

Ya said...

really like the e/l
how much that e/l cost?

and does the mascara so that bad?

Kathi said...

I think I listed the prices in the review. If not, the eyeliner is somewhere around US$8.

I really don't like the mascara =( Their 3 Proof Mascara or Oh M'Eye Lash mascara are way better

makeupmag said...

I love brow palettes, Kathi! I use the Integrate one all the time and have a couple from other brands in my backup drawer! :)

This was a great post to help me decide which EH goodies I'd like from Korea. ;)

Katya said...

It seems that Brightening eyes duo is long live ))I bought mine when I was in Seoul in September 2009 and your post is from 2008! I liked the packaging and hoped to use the primer as a primer but as you I didn't understand the purpose of it. The concealer is good for the price though! I only don't like silvery particles which are seen in bright light, in the daylight they are ok though. All in all, for the price - brightening eyes duo is quite good! I made a big dent in mine already beginning from September 2009 :)
Love your blog!

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