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Saturday, September 27, 2008

VOV Castledew Pen Eyeliner and Lineshot Pencil

As I mentioned in my most previous Jadilla J post VOV's other princessy line Castledew has one of those slim liners out so I decided to order it...and because ordering one eyeliner is boring and each liner came with a freebie I decided to get the other regular pencil, too =)

As I had expected the Castledew Pen Eyeliner is nearly identical to Jadilla J's Eyepen Technic Liner. Even the pen design is very similar. Both have a pink rhinestone attached to the cap and both have a very fine slim tip to draw a fine very even line. I love both and both cost me the same so they're pretty much interchangeable.
This is definitely one of the best liners I own as those super slim flexible feltpen-type liners work best for me.

It stays on all day long without smudging and can be a bit hard to remove if you layer it several times (just like all other liners like this)

I paid 9900 Won and got a free eyeliner. (this one is pretty useless as it's a bright pink eyeliner =X)

The other pen I got is the Lineshot Pencil, a regular automatic pencil in a twist-out sort of pen. The interesting thing about this is that this is dual-ended but both sides are the very same color (black). So this means you have 1 refill in your pencil so you get double the life-time out of it compared to regular automatic eyeliners.

The liner is very pointy at first so you need to use it a bit to blur the tip a little. After that it really works nicely and comes out as a very dark black on me. It's quite pigmented and glides on nicely. Staying power is great, too! Note: I only use this pencil on my lower lids as I never use pencil liners on my upper lids... only liquids, gels and those felt-pen like liners.
I paid 8900 Won and got a free Eye Smoothie in white (a very shimmery white cream shadow)

Seller is vovcare on Gmarket


Anonymous said...

thank u for the purchasing info too, it really helps :D

hope to see u blog more often and good luck for your exam!

Anonymous said...

hmm, I guess you use the lineshot pencil on your inner rims of bottom? Liquid eyeliner is best for top outer, just doesn't make sense to me to put on inners haha. Between the Banila gel and lineshot pencil (or any for that matter) what do you think is best for the lower inner rims? It's hard to find one that stays, sigh~

and good luck for your exams!

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