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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

VOV Aura Shimmer Blusher

I've been eagerly awaiting the newest blushes from VOV to arrive here. Today I got a nice parcel from Gmarket containing those absolutely gorgeous blushes.

I think VOV Aura Shimmer Blushers come in the most adorable floral compacts ever. They have a sort of vintage feel to me with the adorable bell flower print and the design on the blushers look fresh and happy.

The blushes are baked I think. They have that typical very shimmery (not glittery) rather hard texture but still have decent pigment. Each blush consists of 4 colors mixing into the final color.
The result I get is a shimmery (bordering to frosty so beware if you don't like a lot of shimmer) soft cheek color that lasts well through the day.
The cute round compact comes with a brush tucked into the cover.

I paid about US$10/each which is quite affordable in my opinion.

There are 4 colors total of which I ordered the first 3:
01 Highlight Shimmer Aura: A highlighter consisting of 4 pale pastels mixing into a sheer white.

02 Pink Shimmer Aura: Shades of darker and lighter pink mix into a gorgeous light pink

03 Peach Pink Shimmer Aura: Peach, pink and orange mix into a pretty peachy pink.

There is also 04 Orange Shimmer Aura which looks like a pretty mixture of light salmon, orange and a brick red.

All in all these are pretty nice blushes worth purchasing.


Pink Sith said...

Oh those are so pretty! They look like they will be gorgeous on too! Thanks for the post!!

miemiemie said...

i second that! they sure do look pretty!

Unknown said...

What gorgeous packaging!! Oh I have such a packaging fetish.....but look how prettily they glow. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Anonymous said...

May i know which website you purchased your VOV Aura Shimmer Blusher from? Thanks!

Kathi said...

I bought the blushes from seller
"THE코스메틱" on Gmarket.

They really are super cute, i love their compacts!

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