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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Etude House Fall 2008

I have just spotted a new Etude House collection (I am guessing it's for Fall 2008) on Gmarket (but the individual items don't seem to be listed yet). I hope the seller (에뛰드하우스) will speed up and list them soon!

Update: The items have been listed by etudehouse on Gmarket now (select "Newest Arrivals" in the drop-down menu). I just ordered some of the items, some brushes, a crystal peeling and other items =D

It's a huge collection and includes:
-Lash Designing Vitcara (2 versions): 9500 Won/each

-Brightening Eye Duo: A concealer duo (cream and solid) for the eye area: 9000 Won

-Peach Cream Gloss (3 Colors): 6500 Won/each

-Face Designing Brighter (face highlighting powder): 11000 Won

-Perfect Brow kit (Brow powder trio): 9000 Won

-Plumping Lip Tint (2 Colors): 6500 Won

-Duo Lip Highlighter (pale pearl gold liner and white shimmery gloss): 6500 Won

-Tear Drop Liner (same as from the peach collection) but with a black handle instead of a white one (at least that's how it's pictured): 6000 Won

-Easy Mix & Stick (Eyeliner/eyeshadow stick duo) in black/dark silver gray (I see 3 color choices pictured though): 8000 Won

-Dual Change Eyeliner in black (a slim liquid liner in pen form similar to Kate Supersharp/other similar liners). Supposed to draw very fine and thicker lines: 8500 Won

I also see 2 new skincare items:
-Magic Crystal Pack Peeling: 11000 Won

-Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling: 12000 Won

There is also the Magic Bubble Peeling which I've seen for some time now.

All in all I am quite excited and want to order quite a few of the new items. For those prices it's also very affordable to indulge myself =D


jkim said...

that gmarket seller ("에뛰드하우스") is etude house. don't know if it's the real etude house, but that's what that seller's name is.

it seems like the new fall look that etude house is pushing right now is the cat eye thing. check out their new video on their blog:
(the video is at the bottom of the post)

Kathi said...

To my knowledge it is Etude House. I hope they'll add the new items soon but I don't see them on their official website yet either

plue said...

oh dear! more lemmings from etude house! i hope it arrives in msia soon though~ hm... they don't have new eye colours i see?


jkim said...

oops. here's the link to the video post:

their main site is still the aqua sherbet promo, but i do see the items in their online shop.
etude house online shop: eye makeup

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post......loving eyebrow stuff at the moment.

Kathi said...

Thanks for the links, Jkim! Typically cute Etude House TVCF!

Plue, the only eyeshadow sort of thing is that Mix & Stick but there is no pretty new palette or something =( I want a cute pre-made Etude House palette!

plue said...

Hello Kathi,

I am hoping for new eye palettes too! ^_^ I don't quite like the sticks...


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