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Thursday, September 18, 2008

VOV Blusher Palette

I found the idea of having 8 VOV blushes/highlighter in a huge palette (think MAC 15 pan) quite neat as it looks so "pro" hehe =) and it seems to be quite convenient and very affordable for only approx. 24800 (about US$20 or so) =)

I already own the 24 pan Eyeshadow Palette and the quality is quite nice, especially the metallic colors (the matte ones however are a bit sheer and chalky and the color selection is quite bright/neon in the mattes).

Anyway, the Blusher Palette is a good addition to my stash and worth purchasing.

The palette contains:
-1 shimmery white highlighter which looks frosty at first but after a few uses it just gives me a soft very soft shimmery finish. This is very pigmented so you need a brush that will apply this sheerly.
-2 shimmer blushes in cool pink and peachy pink. Both are very pigmented.
-3 matte dual-colored blushes (each contains a lighter and darker version of the same color). These are a bit sheerer but 3-4 swipes give me a beautiful soft flush. The colors are pink, soft muted orange and a red beige.
-1 matte dual-colored brown shading powder or blush in 2 tones of brown.
-1 matte light cool beige-undertoned pink. A very pretty but sheer color to add a bit of freshness to my cheeks.

This is a good choice if you don't have a lot of blushes, don't need super pigmented ones and don't want to spend tons of money on many different single blushes. Furthermore the slim palette can easily be stored away.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi! Where did you buy this Vov palette? Here in Russia the same palette is sold but the name is different! I guess that Vov made a line in China.. The name is "Jean's" and the producer is marked as "Evas", also it is written that it is "formulated in Korea". Strange, isn't it?
I was in the shop which mostly sells Korean cosmetics and practically all VOV range is replaced with that "new" brand! I've bought their face powder and it's very good but I can't find a trace of this on the Internet! It makes me worry.

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