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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cathy Cat The Flying Mascara (Special Kit)

As I probably mentioned 100000000000000000000 times before I love sets & kits as they often offer great value for money and even better if a product comes with free items that are actually nice and useful.

One of my most recent acquisitions is The Flying Mascara from Cathy Cat I purchased from Gmarket for 11700 Won (around US$10). That is a good price for a mascara in my opinion (you will hardly get decent mascara for around €7 here!).
To my absolute delight the mascara came in a cute box packaged together with a free sample-sized eye makeup remover and an eyelash curler. Now this makes the US$10 a real deal!

First more about The Flying Mascara... this comes in a long rather fat tube with a cute angel wing print.
The brush looks very strange as it´s cut in something like a wavy coil shape so it looks like a brush with bumps (sorry, don´t know how to explain better, please refer to pics). I was a bit sceptical but the brush works great and distributes the mascara liquid very evenly.
The formula is quite lengthening, more than volumizing in my opinion (even though the name suggests that it should give volume). It´s a good mascara and can add quite some drama to my lashes.

I removed the mascara with the included Apple Tree Eye & Lip Remover which easily solved the mascara with a few swipes. It´s a milky white liquid in a cute little bottle. However the remover stings in my eyes and caused my vision to be blurred which is something I really dislike. Good that it´s only a 25ml sample tube anyway and it was worth trying.

The included free eyelash curler on the other hand is absolutely fantastic for my eye shape! It´s a bit more rounded than other curlers I use so it grabs all lashes. I didn´t pinch my eyelids and the curl in my lashes was really holding up well. It didn´t crimp my lashes at all and just made them look gorgeous!

I would say the US$10 were well spent as the curler and mascara cost me about U$5/each which is a real deal!

I got a bunch of more Cathy Cat stuff including their new Glitz Quilt Shadow in 03 which is new for Fall 2008 (and a very pretty neutral quint!)

This kit is also available with The Flying Mascara Curling.


Anonymous said...

Hi, do u mind telling us which seller from Gmarket u bot this from? Actually do you have any regular sellers that u usually buy ur korean brand cosmetics from that you can recommend? Thanks.

Kathi said...

the seller's name is cosmatic93 and the auction # is 126221729
I have some sellers I frequently purchase from.. I will post them soon

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