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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gmarket sellers

I constantly get asked from which sellers I buy from.
Here is a list of sellers I have been happy with. I will not answer emails or comments with seller recs for now for the listed brands because it takes a lot of time and I am a bit busy these days but will try to keep the list updated if I stumble across other exceptionally good sellers. Thanks for your understanding!

Just type or copy & paste the seller's name in the Gmarket search field

wizwid02 - some Banila Co and others (and some Japanese stuff from Canmake etc which is rather cheap due to the Won/US$ exchange rate)

vovcare (VOV 제이딜라제이) - Jadilla J and other VOV stuff, very generous with gifts (though seems the shop is closing down as most items seem to be sold out)

etudegmark - Etude House

miae90322 (스킨천사) - Various VOV and Castledew stuff, also carries Rita Rove W

eloah (THE코스메틱) - Castledew and other stuff

skin797979 (스킨79)- Skin79 international shippin anymore

kp7793 (제니e-shop) - Lotree

je7036 (뷰티여우) - Cathy Cat and others

hss06 (쉬즈미) - Various VOV and others

zelstory (라푼젤이야기) - lots of Cathy Cat and others but slow shipping

miincos (
미인화장품)- lots of VOV, Cathy Cat, various others. Good service and fast shipping

lioele - Lioele stuff (this is the official Lioele shop on Gmarket). Sometimes they ship only to korea, sometimes worldwide. Just check out and see if they currently do sell internationally (right now as of end of September they do...just ordered some stuff).

hs005491 (페어리퀸) - Banila Co and Cathy Cat (and various others)

nyskinzone (NY스킨존) - other VOV stuff

elishacoy2 - Elisha Coy stuff and others

Belitalala - Belita Lala products

tonymoly11 (tonymoly) - Tony Moly cosmetics. Fast shipping, nice extras added.

Hanskin has stopped international shipping. You can find some BB Creams and other Hanskin stuff on Gmarket though if you do a search.


Anonymous said...

hs005491 (페어리퀸) Banila Co
miche03 (lioele) Lioele

These ship least for now! (:

The Lioele one seems to be the "official" store. It's on-off with international shipping though. Last month it did; few weeks ago it didn't; recently it does again.

The Banila Co one's not "official", so it doesn't have the latest products or GWPs. But it does ship worldwide!

Kathi said...

Thanks! I will check those out! Whenever I search for banila Co i only find 1 seller who's not shipping internationally =D

Laura L said...

u can try Rumistyle as she offer good price and have alots items..

make me beautiful said...

Shame about Hanskin hey?

I think I have completely and utterly bugged the hell out of the customer service people at gmarket! hahahaha

Well at least I know what I am doing now!

I love your blog! have I told you that already? haha

Anonymous said...

nike8514 sells some skin79 (스킨79) stuff.

I might try buying from him. I'll let you guys know if it goes well.:)

Anonymous said...

have been trying to leave msg re: skin79 스킨79

but network's been buggy.

nike8514 is my best option at the mo for skin79 goods, and I'll share the experience.

apologies for re-comment, argh

Anonymous said...

Any idea does delivers on Weekends? If when the goods arrive but no one entertain the parcel, does the goods ship back to Korea?


Ksteh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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