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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VOV Castledew Fall 2008: Diacut Eyes 901 & 902

I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new VOV Castledew 9-pan palettes as they looked breathtakingly pretty on the pics.
These babies cost me only 12000 Won/each so that's roughly US$10 (or only about €7) for a pretty compact offering you 9 colors (and thus really a big bunch of different eye looks!)
The Diacut Eyes are available in 2 variations. 901 is a baked-type eye palette and 902 contains pressed shadows.

The cases are very pretty, a dark silver with a laser-disc like holographic Castledew print outside and clear plastic inside with 2 sponge applicators.
The palettes are sized nicely. Not that huge and bulky but large enough to be able to use the eyeshadows easily (I hate those super tiny shadows you can hardly pick up with your brush).

#901 Planet Diamond:
This is the baked shadow palette. The texture is a bit harder (typical for many baked shadow) with sheer-medium pigment. The great thing about these shadows is that the colors are really buildable with a few layers. The darker 3 colors on the bottom are already quite pigmented but the lighter ones can gain intensity with 2 or 3 layers.
The finish of these is gorgeous, like a soft metallic (or very very fine shimmer). Really pretty!
I wore the 3 colors on the very right yesterday and they held up nicely the whole day without any creasing. Big yay from me!

The 9 colors are:
Top Row: Dia Pink (baby pink), Platinum White (white), Dia Beige (a soft cream shade)
Middle: Planet Pink (Medium rosy pink), Planet Gold (warm gold), Dia Peach (medium rosy peach)
Bottom: Planet Wine (warm plum), Planet Bronze (warm brown), Planet Brown (taupe)
Each row from top to bottom makes a nice eyeshadow trio btw =)

#902 Planet Shine Star:
This is the pressed type shadow palette. The texture is silky and finely milled and there is a good medium pigment in the darker and one of the lighter colors and sheer-medium pigment in the other light colors.
The finish is a soft pearly finish in the pastels and a metallic finish in 3 of the dark colors. The black color turns out to be a matte with some sparkles (that don't show up on the eyes really).
There is a glitter overspray on the eyeshadows but it vanishes with the first few uses.

The colors are:
Top Row: Crystal Yellow (ivory with good pigment), Miracle Violet (warm lilac), Crystal Pink (pale pink)
Middle: Crystal Peach (light pinky orange), Miracle Pink (medium pink), Miracle Khaki (metallic olive green).
Bottom: Planet Grey (metallic highly pigmented bluish silver), Planet Deep Brown (metallic taupe), Planet Black (Black, medium pigment, with some glitters).

I personally think both Diacut Eyes palettes are very worthwhile and they're dirt cheap anyway so you're getting quite a bang for your buck =)
I see these all over Gmarket (just search VOV, then sort to "Newest Arrivals" and you'll find them pop up a lot... e.g. seller miincos has these, too)

There is also a lip palette that seems to contain pretty berries and pinks. I didn't order it as I really rarely use lip palettes.


Unknown said...

Oh these are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute... Now I want one 5555

Amelia Yap said...

This is so tempting.. and such a great deal..

oh and I like the revamp of the new header :)

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