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Friday, September 19, 2008

Etude House Magic Crystal Pack Peeling...nothing for sensitive skin =(

I decided to purchase one of Etude House´s new magic peelings and settled on the Magic Crystal Pack Peeling which is a mask and peeling in one product.

Supposedly it contains micro crystals to effectively but gently cleanse your skin.

It´s a thick cream with a slightly grainy feeling you just apply to your face and massage a bit, then leave it on your face till it´s dry and then wash of with lukewarm water.

There are 2 things about this peeling I don´t like and that make it impossible to use it.

The first minor rant is for the fragrance. The Magic Crystal Pack Peeling has a very unpleasant fragrance (for my taste, others might find it good). It sort of gives me a headache...

The major rant is that it´s quite harsh for my skin. When I apply this my skin starts to burn and develop red bumps all over my cheeks. The irritation lasts only for some minutes after removing this but the burning sensation and bumpy skin are absolutely unpleasant and will prevent me from using this again (and I don´t know if the symptoms would get worse if I use this more often)

So if you´re having sensitive skin I´d rather recommend you to use a black sugar peeling like the one from Skin79 I reviewed earlier.

The Magic Crystal Pack Peeling comes with a box of 3 free Magic Soothing Mask Sheets and they´re really nice and calming. I believe they´re not available for purchase but only as GWPs.

The sheet masks are saturated with a light gel that really feels cool and relaxing. My skin feels refreshed and soft when I use them. I would definitely purchase them.

I think I paid 11000 Won for the 115ml pot incl. the 3 Sheet Masks


Laura L said...

oh, sad to hear that the magic crystal pack peeling wasn't that good.
according my seller, Rumistyle, she said, the magic crystal pack peeling is for oily skin. the bubble peeling is for normal skin types and the enzyme peeling is for dry or sensitive skin type.

Besides, I recommend you to try on skinfood chlorella peeling gel. The smell is nice and the beads is very tiny, it wouldn't harsh to your skin and after using it, skin will feel smooth and soft. Or you can try the skinfood black sugar scrub wash off mask... both of them I'm using it now, especially the chlorella peeling gel, wow, love it so much..

cheers and take care..hope to see more review from you soon

Unknown said...

This sounds scary!!

I was going to venture into this line because it looks so cute but I am hesitant now as I too have mega sensitive skin!

I am on a search for a supreme cleanser and have made some interesting purchases and hope to review them soon!

Lets keep in touch!

Kathi said...

Yea, I am sure you're right and it's for oily skin. It's way too harsh for my normal-dry skin.

Glow Chaser,
If you have sensitive skin I'd stay far away from this stuff =(

Unknown said...


Thanks for saving me from ruining my face! haha

I have bought some excellent facial cleansers from Japan (see my blog) and now need to try a mild one from Korea out of curiosity......any suggestions?

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Yeah I was not to happy with this either. It did not sting me but I was more happy with enzyme peeling pack

Maho Lucil said...

Etude's Magic crystal peeling cream has exfoliation effects for all skin types. It effectively removes excess dirt and oil, leaving the skin smooth and clear. It also removes dead cells that are clogging the pores. You might wanna try Etude's eye wrinkle cream as well, effective in reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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