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Friday, September 12, 2008

Jadilla J and VOV Good-Bye Eye Pender No Remover Mascara Haul haul

My most recent Gmarket order contained 6 items from seller vovcare from Jadilla J and a Good-Bye Eye Pender No Remover Mascara. I ordered 6 items and paid about €65 (about US$90).

When I opened the package I almost fell from my chair as I found around 25 freebies in my package! Many of them even full-sized! Amazing I tell you! It seems all of the items this seller has listed come with a nice GWP (you see it pictured along with your item) but they threw in around 13 extra gifts on top.

I ordered:
-Jadilla J My Ball Blusher in 01
-Jadilla J Plumping Mascara
-Jadilla J Eyepen Technic Liner
-Jadilla J The Original Pact
-Jadilla J Lipgloss in 05
-VOV Good-Bye Eye Pender No Remover Mascara

-Jadilla J My Ball Blusher:

After being really pleased with the blusher in 03 I decided to order the light pink one #01. I am glad I did as now the seller doesn't have this listed anymore! The compact is so pretty and the blusher has a soft shimmer and a silky texture.

#01 is a soft light pink that works very well with my fair complexion.

I paid 22000 Won

-Jadilla J Plumping Mascara:

The tube of this is so so pretty! I don't own many posh looking mascaras and this is probably the prettiest tube I own.

The formula is great, it gives great volume and length and holds my curl (that's all I want a good mascara to do!). However it can clump my lashes up a bit so I need to use my eyelash curler quickly after application not to end up with 5 spikey lashes.
This cost 18000 but came with the Eyepen Technic Liner (Get 2 for the price of 1)

-Jadilla J Eyepen Technic Liner:

This is one of the most fantastic liquid eyeliners I ever tried. It's just like Kate Supersharp so it draws a super fine absolutely even line. It stays on without any smudging or fading. I really love this! What makes this stand out from Kate is the pretty packaging! Very princessy and glam for an eyeliner! I will definitely buy more of these.

I ordered VOV's Castledew version of this which looks similar. I wonder if it'll be the same.
The ink is black and looks like a soft black to me.

-Jadilla J The Original Pact SPF 25 PA++:

This looks very different from Jadilla J's other products. It comes in a black square compact that's rather simple and not princessy at all. On the contrary this shows witches, cats, stars, trees and other magic symbols printed on in white color. I really like it! =D

I chose the lighter powder color and it's indeed a good pale color suitable for my skin-tone. The powder however offers only very light coverage and doesn't get cakey or messy at all. My skin doesn't feel tight or dried-out and the finish is pretty matte skin. It's a good powder in my opinion and performs nicely. A little bit extra coverage would have been nice though.

This is scented with the typical granny-perfume most VOV powders are scented with. It faded pretty quickly though thankfully.
I received a Special Kit with this containing a mini purse-sized version of the powder in a pretty mirrored white compact with white symbols, a mini The Original BB Cream and a mini VOV Castledew Setting Mascara.

I paid 24000 Won.

-Jadilla J Lipgloss:

This comes in the typical princessy Jadilla J tube I really heart. The lipgloss formula is pretty much the same like VOV Castledew's Over Setting Glosses so it's a slick moisturizing formula with a good lastability. It also carries that same fruity scent and comes with that wide fuzzy-applicator with a hole in the middle.
The color I got is #05 which is a pretty sheer-medium red pink with blue shimmers (they don't really show on my lips though). It's really pretty!

I paid 18000 Won for this (it came with a bunch of freebies)

-VOV Good-Bye Eye Pender No Remover Mascara:

According to VOV this mascara removes easily with warm water but is smudge-resistent. What I noticed first is that the packaging of this looks like that mascara from Beaute de Kose. Most VOV (esp. Castledew and Jailla J) items come in packaging similar to various Japanese brands (probably they use the same supplier? hehe). The brush of the No Remover Mascara is curved and deposits the right amount of mascara. It's a volumizing formula and really gives me beautiful black lashes.

It doesn't remove with water (maybe I should try hotter water?) but with a bit of cleansing oil it removes almost completely. The mascara comes off in small strips/balls so gently wiping the lashes with my fingers helps removing it.

As you can see I am happy with all items. I seem to be quite lucky with the stuff I purchase these days =) (though I will have to rant about a certain eyeshadow palette form VOV soon)

I received all of the following gifts:

-4x VOV Anti-Trouble BB Cream (full size) in #23
-VOV Charcoal Nose Pack (5 nose patches)
-VOV Closed Toner (big GWP size, came with the 5 nose patches)
-VOV Good-Bye Eye Pender cotton pads (those are fantastic and come in a plastic dispenser box)
-4 VOV Hi-Tech Lip Polishes in #15 (pretty sheer red glosses)
-VOV Star Gloss
-VOV Eyelash Curler
-VOV Candy Moisturizing Lipcare With Coloring Effect
-Jadilla J The Original Pact mini compact
-Jadilla J The Original BB Cream (good GWP size tube)
-VOV Castledew Setting Mascara mini
-Jadilla J Jelly Tint
-2x Jadilla J Cover
Multi Face (concealer wheel)
-Jadilla J BB Concealer
-2x Jadilla J Cubical Face trial kit (4 foundation/base sachets, mini powder sample, little Jadilla J catalogue)
-2 Jadilla J Whitening BB Cream sample tubes in #1
-VOV Cleansing Wash deluxe GWP size (came packaged with the No Remover Mascara)


Pink Sith said...

WOW! Amazing haul. What wonderful GWPs!! I have yet to have time figure out Gmarket but your article on it helped a lot to get me started.
Great haul and wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

can you tell me which seller you bough the items from?

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