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Saturday, September 13, 2008

VOV Castledew Extreme Pearl Eyes

VOV is really winning me over with their cute stuff, especially with their Castledew and Jadilla J ranges.

Along with a recent order I received a couple of weeks ago was a bunch of Castledew's Extreme Pearl Eyes which I had ordered after being happy with their regular Pearl-Up Eyes.

The color line-up of the Extreme Pearl Eyes is smaller than the regular Pearl-Up Eyes and much smaller than the Color Song Eyes variety (those aren't that great though).

I purchased 3 colors as there was a free case included in the offer and I ended up paying 10600 Won for 3 eyeshadows and the case (this time I got the case with the girl). The seller (miae90322 on Gmarket) also added a cute dog-shaped hair clasp of excellent quality which I am using daily now to hold my hair back when I am home studying or doing my makeup =) Don't you love useful freebies? =D

The Extreme Pearl Eyes come in the same cute little compacts like the Pearl-Up Eyes but the color of the plastic is not silver but the color of the eyeshadow inside. However 2 of my colors came in the regular silver compact and all 3 eyeshadows came in different boxes with just "Pearl-Up Eyes" written so I assumed I got the wrong stuff. However after checking the color codes I could rest assured that I received the Extreme Pearl Eyes shadows.
VOV Castledew has the tendency to have inconsistent packaging (of the tubes/compacts as well as the boxes) which annoys me a bit (like I got 2 of their lipsticks that come in different tubes than the pictured ones)....

Anyway, the eyeshadows are very silky with good pigment and a very shimmery finish. They blend nicely and are just great little finds!
I got the following 3 colors:

-VL331: Dark purple with multi-colored micro-glitters.
-9456: Bright light turquoise. I don't like this color much as these kinds of bright minty turquoises don't flatter me.
-9252: I would call this a light taupe beige.
You can see a lot of glitter but that's mainly on top, it's not as strong when you dig a bit into the shadows.

There are 16 colors to choose from but honestly right now I don't see other colors that attract me.


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