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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deal of the week =)

I have to say that since I discovered Gmarket shopping for Korean makeup has become really affordable and more fun as Korean sellers are generally quite generous with gifts and often run special promotions I can't resist.

One of the best deals I scored recently is a bunch of 20 Sheet Masks from Dermal for only 6000 Won (about US$5.50 or so) so they're a real steal!

Sheet Masks generally retail for about 1000-3000 Won/each =)
I can drown myself in Dermal's Sheet Masks and won't get broke at all =D

The masks come in randomly selected variations (35 different types available in total). I got 5 each of the Royal Jelly Masks, Potato Essence Masks, Collagen Essence Masks and Cucumber Essence Masks.
I really like Dermal's Sheet Masks. They're not too wet or have a slimy gel that could make the mask slide down your face (CL masks have the tendency to do this). My skin really feels refreshed and moisturized when using any of their masks.

The more masks you buy the cheaper it gets:
Auction is here
30 masks cost 7900 Won
40 masks cost 9800 Won
50 masks cost 11700 Won
100 masks cost 18400 Won
200 masks cost 34000 Won

So you can order a bunch and share with all your friends and family =)


Anonymous said...

Hi kathi! I left a message on one of your old posts and it has not been answered for a couple days. Therefore I guess you didn't see it. Here is a link to it:
(the last one)

Your reviews are beyond helpful : )<3

jkim said...

what a steal!!! walgreens (a drugstore here in the u.s.) has recently stocked up on masks from the face shop, and they had them 2 for $5, which i thought was a decent price... it pales in comparison!

Anonymous said...

how is the shipping cost?

Kathi said...

You'll pay actual shipping costs for EMS shipping. The estimated weight of the lot is 0.5kg which would cost about 14000 Won.
Anyways, I bought more stuff and ended up paying about 40000 Won for shipping but given the amount of stuff I ordered the shipping is just some $$ for the masks

Anonymous said...


your reviews are certainly most wonderful & helpful.

i will be travelling to korea during autumn for my shopping spree. as i only have a few days, in your opinion, which are your fav. cosmetics & skincare products that i must not missed?

have a lovely day!

p/s: i buy all kinds of cosmetics & skincare, so plse feel free to list them. cheers

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