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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Banila Co Two Eyes Volume Mascara & Eye Love Gel Liner

I haven't been reviewing a lot of my Banila Co items I received over a month ago yet so you'll find some reviews popping up within the next few weeks =)

Two items I am very pleased with are the Two Eyes Mascara Volume and the Eye Love Gel Liner in Black Glitz.

Two Eyes Mascara Volume:

This is the typical primer and mascara duo you can find in many brands. The primer leaves a light white tint on my lashes but it's easy to cover it up completely with the black mascara. I haven't tried either of the side separately but together they really make my lashes fat and long and very black. Really awesome!
The brushes are the regular spiral brush-type applicators you find in most mascaras. I generally prefer comb mascaras but the Banila Co Two Eyes Volume Mascara is really great so I don't mind the brush applicator.

In contrast to most Japanese mascaras that are waterproof the Korean ones tend to be washable and remove easily. This one is no exception.
I just use normal Cleansing Oil and a tad bit of eye makeup remover and it all comes off with a few swipes.
There is also a Two Eyes Long Mascara if you prefer a lengthening formula.
Retails for 14000 Won (about US$12-13)

-Eye Love Gel Liner Black Glitz:

This comes in a quite heavy wide glass pot with a black cover.
The formula of this is slick and not thick and sticky like e.g. Etude House's gel gel eyeliners. The Eye Love Gel Liner glides on beautifully and dries to a budge-proof and smudge-resistant finish.

The one I got is called Black Glitz as there are a few fine golden glitters sprinkled throughout the gel. However they don't seriously show up on my eyes so it's for me a regular black gel liner.
Retails for 7500 Won which is a steal


Unknown said...

Wow! I like this! Is it similar to the KATE one? I have a similar "metallic black" by KATE only I haven't tried it yet! I am hopeless with eyeliner

Kathi said...

I'd say the Banila Co is a bit more slick and less creamy than Kate if that makes sense lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi,
How would you compare Visee's Cream Eyeliner to Banila Co's Gel Liner? Are there other colours besides black? Which seller would you recommend on Gmarket for Banila Co products?

Kathi said...

I think Visee is a bit creamier.
The Banila Liner is also available in brown and flat black.
please check my post about Gmarket sellers, the one with banila co is listed there

Anonymous said...

I'm used to pen type eyeliner. That the gel eyeliner comes in a tub is kinda new to me, I guess you apply with a thin brush. Would you put it on the inside of your eye rims?

Kathi said...

oh, gel liners are so popular all over the world now... almost every brand has one to offer =) Some come with brushes (like Kate or Esprique Precious) and for some you have to find a brush yourself..
The staying power on the inner rims is actually quite good and i don't feel any irritation like with various other eye pencils

dawn. said...

Hey Kathi!
Would you be able to dedicate a post or 2 in regards to ur makeup storage and FAVOURITEEEEEEEE items?

^^ It'll be so much fun to see & LEARN!

Just a suggestion! LOVE

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