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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Etude Tint Lip Butter

I've recently decided to dive a bit more into Etude after concentrating more on its sister line Etude House.
Etude stuff is not as cute and pink as Etude House stuff but a bit more simple and their variety is quite limited. The prices are very affordable in both lines and the quality is great, too.

Among my purchases of the previous couple of months is an item I really adore: their Tint Lip Butter.
I admit I ordered this mainly because of the delicious name. A lip butter just sounds so smooth, soft and moisturizing and for about 4000-5000 Won (depending where you buy it... I've seen this retail for up to 7200 Won on Gmarket) it's a real steal (somewhere around US$4-5).

The Tint Lip Butters come in sleek dark crimson tubes. There are 5 colors to choose from including a clear stick.
As the name promises the Tint Lip Butters are super soft and melty and feel very comfortable and moisturizing. The color is super sheer so you can easily apply the lippies without a mirror.
They are scented with a light fruity scent (but nothing overwhelming).
These are excellent choices if you want a lightly tinted lipcare.

I picked 2 colors:
102: This looks like a bright red in the tube but applies as a soft sheer pink.

103: This look like a bright bubblegum pink but it turns nearly clear on my lips just giving a hint of light pink.

I am not sure if #101 (clear) is being discontinued as I see several sellers on Gmarket don't carry this shade.


Anonymous said...

hi kathi,
thanks for your wonderful blog with so many pictures of goodies!
may i enquire with you? how long does it normally take to receive your Gmarket orders? do you always receive your packages securely?
thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,
I used to specifically look for your reviews when searching makeup reviews on MUA. The were always the best. =]

I was reading your reviews on BB creams and was wondering, would they be suitable for oily, acne prone skin? =T

Kathi said...

Hi Eunice,
most Gmarket orders ship within a few days after placing my order. However some sellers are slower than others so if you happen to order from a slow one your whole order will get delayed by some days. The fastest shippers are the guys from Lotree.
The staff at Gmarket usually pack all the parcels you ordered from different sellers into 1 big EMS box so even if you order a few things from a few sellers you might end up with a huge box. All sellers I ordered from so far packed everything in bubble wrap and good sturdy boxes.

Hi Dark Nyx,
I think some BB Creams are too heavy and rich for oily skin types but lightweight ones like Missha Watery or Lioele Aqua Drop are very suitable for oily skin-types. Also Dr. Jart Silver gets a lot of raves.
I suggest to visit, they have a huge thread about BB Creams and many girls there have oily skin so you might find some recommendations there.

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