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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lotree Rosa Davurica Powder Pact

I've been hauling some more Lotree as the stuff I already have is really good and some new sets were popping up on Gmarket.
I already have the Rosa Davurica Powder Pact SPF40 in #21 but I couldn't resist picking up the Rosa Davurica Powder Pact (without SPF) in the (supposedly) even lighter color #19.

The powder comes in the same cute dark purple case like the one with SPF and with 2 puffs so you can toss one after some time.

Honestly I can detect no difference to the other Powder Pact with SPF40. Even the color #19 is exactly the same as #21, it might be a tiny bit pinker and very slightly paler but when I swatch them side by side or look at them together I can't detect a real difference.

The powder offers sheer-medium coverage and an even non-cakey finish. It's a really good product but getting one of them (with or without SPF) is easily enough so it's just if you prefer to have it with sun protection or without.

The Rosa Davurica Powder Pact costs 27000 Won and currently comes with 2 freebies:
-Spot Essence Concealer (5ml)
-Triple Balance Sun Care Make-up Base SPF20 (deluxe size, 15ml)

The Spot Essence Concealer is a smooth liquid with sheer coverage. The color is quite light but more on the yellow side. I can use it around my eyes but it's not the most perfect concealer in my opinion as the coverage level is too low for my taste.

The Triple Balance Sun Care Make-up Base is a milky slightly pink-undertoned cream which offers very minor coverage but brightens my skin and preps it nicely for my foundation/BB Cream.

All in all the Rosa Davurica Powder Pact in #19 is quite worth purchasing if you are searching for a really pale powder of good quality in pretty packaging and have use for the 2 extras, too (though 27000 Won isn't that bad for a good powder...still far from pricings from Lunasol or Jill Stuart)
The powder is also available in the colors #21, 23 and 25 (which looks like a medium peachy beige on their online swatch)

The powder carries a light rose scent (far less strong than Anna Sui's rose fragrance)


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