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Sunday, October 19, 2008

First venture into Tony Moly skincare

I've been trying out my Tony Moly skincare purchases for almost 2 weeks now and feel ready to review them =)

I purchased 2 large gift boxes containing a total of 4 full-sized skincare items, 2 mini lip tints and 2 mini lipglosses (yes, another bunch of those cute little Sweety Lipglosses!)

Now that I have done the math it seems that ordering the items individually comes out to be a bit cheaper. But since you get mini lipgloss and tint and a nice gift box I didn't mind paying a buck or 2 extra.

The first box I ordered contains:

-Hydra Moisture Honey Skin Toner 160ml
-Hydra Moisture Honey Skin Emulsion 160ml

Both items come in very heavy pretty glass bottles with a cute print on the label.
I am not really a fan of glass bottles for anything that's not 100% liquid as getting out the emulsion and even the toner (as it has a sort of runny gel texture) can be a bit of pain in the butt.
Anyway, away from that the products are both lovely.

The toner is very mild so it doesn't sting or burn when I use it. It feels refreshing and preps my skin perfectly for the emulsion.
The emulsion is a lightweight moisturizing lotion which provides just enough nutrition for my skin. I think this would be best for normal to slightly dry skin-types.

Both products are scented lightly (unfortunately not a honey scent) and don't cause any irritations on my skin.
(I want to add that my skin is super clear without red bumps these days despite test-driving so much stuff on my face which usually drives my skin nuts... I believe it's the positive influence of my BB Creams and one of the following 2 items...)
I paid about 20000-21000 Won for the box

The other box contains:

-Cocoa Foam Cleansing 150ml
-Happy Dream Sleeping Pack Q10 120ml

The Cocoa Foam Cleansing is a pretty average creamy cleansing foam that doesn't dry out my skin like other foams tend to do. It produces rich lather and effectively cleanses my skin. It carries a lovely faint chocolate scent.

The Happy Dream Sleeping Pack Q10 is the most outstanding product and like liquid gold for me. It improved my skin within the previous couple of weeks immensely (at least i believe so as it's the only thing I have been really using daily). While I didn't use the other Tony Moly skincare items daily (I rotated with Banila Co and Cathy Cat stuff) I faithfully used the Q10 Sleeping Pack every night to wake up to perfectly soft and smooth skin.

You just apply the Sleeping Pack as last step of your evening skincare routine and that's it. It's a light milky gel with a faint fresh orange/citrus scent that feels a bit sticky upon application. The sticky feeling doesn't last long though and the mask is absorbed nicely after a few minutes.
I will definitely buy more of this (unless I find something even better) and will always have 1 or 2 backups at home
I paid 15600 or so for my box.

There is a big variety of cleansing foams and other toners and emulsions available. I can see only 2 sleeping packs: Whitening and Q10 but there are several other normal face masks available.

I also got 3 free sheet masks from Tony Moly:

2x Strawberry Yogurt and 1x Kiwi Yogurt. I tried one of the strawberry masks and it's quite nice. I am actually seduced to order some of the other available kinds =D


peach hip girl said...

Thanks for reviewing the sleeping pack! I've always been curious about it. I will pick up the same Q10 sleeping pack but from Beauty Credit instead since they sell it at the asian mall in my city.

Anonymous said...

hey kathi,
the sleeping pack is a moisturizer? or a mask? i'm tempted to get it after your glowing review :)

Kathi said...

I actually don't know what it is but it's great lol!
It's a lightweight milky gel.. I believe it's supposed to be a night mask, not a moisturizer as it should go on top of your regular moisturizer/skincare regimen

Anonymous said...

hi kathi,
just to confirm, i don't wash the sleeping pack off right? thanks a lot :)

Kathi said...

Yes, you leave this one overnight

Wombat said...

Hi there, I got a random suggestion! Would you consider a tag for 'recommended/thumbs-up' items for items you really love? i guess it just tags posts with highly recommended favorites.. I'm compiling a Gmarket order and slowly ploughing through 50 posts here trying to remember which concealer you recommended =D

I wish I got the same dedication in reviewing and photoing my stuffs...great blog!

Anonymous said...

I was searching online looking for ways to buy Tony Moly online. And I came across your blog. Your blog is really nice and informational! I have two questions for you. First, I signed up for the gmarket thing to buy Tony Moly products. Is that where you bought those Tony Moly stuff?

Second question, I was wondering if the difference between estimated shipping and actual shipping is lot different...I am trying to order stuff and with shipping, it turns out to be over 100bucks!...I only bought $40 worth of make up and shipping is twice much! Is the estimated shipping cost lot more than the actual cost?
Please let me know!

Thank you so much!!!copl

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same issue as above post. If anyone has suggestions about who to go to and order products with a decent shipping rate, I'd really appreciate it. I'm don't want to pay 40 cents on every dollar for shipping, especially when I'm placing a $100 order or more.

When people buy in bulk, the rate should go down the more pounds, not up.

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