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Friday, October 24, 2008

Xmas 2008: Shu Uemura Midnight Winter Sakura eyeshadow palette

I was very thrilled to see that Shu Uemura was coming out with 3 new eyeshadow palettes for Xmas 2008. The last 3 palettes they released for the Boutique Birthday (I reviewed Fleur de Source and Fleur de Rose) were really gorgeous and super pigmented/blendable so I indulged in 2 of them. Now surely I was very curious which color combinations they might have come up with for the holidays.

There are 3 palettes, each contains 7 powder shades and a cream liner. The new palettes have the most beautiful flower photos taken by Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa printed on.

I debated much with myself if I should order Secret Luscious Rose or Midnight Winter Sakura but finally settled on Midnight Winter Sakura as it contains gorgeous muted jewel shades and comes with a dark cream liner. Secret Luscious Rose is probably more safe and easier to wear for work as it contains the most muted/natural colors but I thought it looked similar to the Fleur de Rose palette from Summer and I just liked the colors in Midnight Winter Sakura better.

The case of the Midnight Winter Sakura palette is too pretty to describe. It shows pale pink Sakura blossoms on a black background.
The case is made of a heavy and sturdy metal and comes with a mirror and a dual-sided applicator (which is surprisingly bad for Shu Uemura in my opinion).
The eyeshadows however are so beautiful! I love how the guys at Shu are giving me 7 powder shades and a very usable cream liner so I can come up with endless color variations. I really love their new palettes compared to the older quads and trios they used to release.

Pic taken with flash:

The shadows pack A LOT of intense metallic pigment. Honestly these shadows are some of the best pigmented and most vibrant shades I have come across recently. The color you see in the pan is the color you'll see on your eyes. Each color has a certain glow to it that I just find makes them stand out from other shadows.
The staying power is good, however the shadows creased slightly on me after some hours. not a big problem though and it might be the shadow base I used yesterday.
You can see an EOTD pic in my MUA profile (used the teal, fig and cream liner.)

Pic taken without flash in bright sunlight:

What I prefer about the Sakura palette compared to the summer palettes is that each shadow has its own pan (half the size of regular Shu shadows of course), no split pans. And of course the print on the case is prettier =)

The cream shadow/liner is also great, it's pigmented and glides on smoothly. Please note this is a cream liner, not a gel liner, so it will not dry down. However it stayed on my eyes all day long and didn't smudge (I am very disciplined with not rubbing/touching my eyes though)

The colors are:

Yellow, neutral bronze brown, muted orange, olive, teal (one of the most gorgeous teals I own...I love this color!), royal blue, a pinkish fig color and a very deep purple cream liner (looks black in the pan but applies a deep shimmery plum on me).

The Adorned Marguerite palette has the cutest case in my opinion but the colors are too bright and candy-colored for my taste. Also the cream liner is white or clear which doesn't seem to be of use for me.

The Secret Luscious Rose palette contains browns, wines, blue, purple, green and a deep brown liner.

I paid US$63 for my palette & shipping from Taiwan (it came within 5 days after placing my order, that's what I call fast. Seller was randmideas on eBay).

The palette says it was designed in Japan but made in Korea =)


Kimberly said...

Shu Uemura palettes are GORGEOUS!!!! and just in time for everyones Xmas wishlists!!! YUM!

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

That was fast! I'm still waiting for this collection to reach Singapore. I think I may be getting at least two of the palettes :-)

Kathi said...

i think it came out in the US quite a bit before Japan =D I was actually astonished that it's already out so I checked eBay where I found it in that Taiwanese beauty store =D The Taiwanese post is super fast and the seller shipped out so quickly, I ordered this palette less than a week ago =O

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information and swatches they are soo useful :)

Just a question to ask... Do you think the Adorned Marguerite is good or not?? I'm looking for a palette to create more sweet, soft and feminine look. Which one of the three would you recommend to me?

Anonymous said...

i am liking shu more now after they started making palettes like these. gotta go check them out. hopefully i can score some before i leave for my long holiday or when i return, there might be none for me...

Kathi said...

Hi tammy,
I haven't seen the Adorned Marguerite and Secret Luscious Rose palettes in reality. I think the Adorned Marguerite will definitely be good for creating soft colorful looks as the pigment will probably be good so the colors will show up nicely whereas in other brands such light candy colors tend to be super sheer thus won't show up so great.
I think you should settle for the palette that attracts you most =)

Hi Jojoba,
yea I am really happy with the most recent Shu palettes! I also think the cases are a real improvement over the flimsy plastic cases they used for their trios and duos in the past. And I love the metallic finish... I hope they'll continue this way, that would really make me get back into Shu =D

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