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Friday, October 3, 2008

First venture into Enprani

I see Enprani stuff offered all over Gmarket but for some reason the makeup didn't appeal so much to me so I skipped it. It's not cute or princessy or something... the stuff looks a bit aged and simple.
Anyways, I decided to order an eyeshadow palette as it looked like a pretty color combo and affordable at around 16000 Won so why not give it a shot?

I have to say the Color-Full Eye Shadow palette is meh. The case is simple and reminds me of a small notebook or something (due to the rounded back).
There are 3 powder shadows and a cream liner in the quad. The 3 powders are rather sheer and not really buildable (when I try to layer I basically wipe off the shadow I applied). They have a velvety finish (not shimmery and not metallic, somewhere in between).

In honor of the palette I have to say the colors work together nicely but they're just too sheer for my taste. Also they don't last well. My eye makeup was mostly gone after 4 or 5 hours.
The cream liner is quite good though. It has a gleaming finish and stayed on through most of the day.
The palette I got (#213) seems to be the newest in the line-up.
The colors are a pale gold, pale peachy pink, warm heather and a glistening plum liner.

It's not a bad palette just the staying power and color pay-off leave a lot to be desired.
I think Enprani eyeshadows are not for me but I will try some face makeup soon.

The eyeshadow came with free oil blotting papers. I purchased from seller miincos on Gmarket.


Anonymous said...

reading your posts are like looking at a makeup sales site. i wish you'd post more pictures of them on you. close ups even, so we can actually see the quality of all these products!

Kathi said...

The good thing about Lotus Palace is that it´s MY blog so I post whatever I like the way I like.
I am not posting pics of myself on purpose. I do very rarely post EOTDs or LOTDs but this is very limited.

Unknown said...

As I am a Korean, I know briefly about the brands you upload. Enprani is renowned for its skincare lines.
Cathy Cat is definitely for make up lines.However i get to hear that Enprani foundation is good. But try Escada Foundation as well which is really popular in Korea as well as Missha Red BB Cream !!

Kathi said...

Hi Humming,
yes, I am sure Enprani offers nice skincare. I got some some samples of their S´Claa series and they´re all nice, especially the eye balm is great!
I see Escada makeup all over Gmarket, looks really pretty!
I use the red BB Cream from Missha (the perfect cover one) and it´s great!

Anonymous said...

girl, can't catch up with your speed... gorgeous palette. i have a thing with anything purple...

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