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Friday, October 10, 2008

BB Creams: Quick comparison V

Since my last quick comparison post I accumulated another stash of BB Creams =) I am totally addicted to BB Creams... I think it's the ease of using them and the pretty finish they give.
I was always first drawn towards eyeshadow palettes but nowadays the first thing I like to check out in a brand totally new to me is a BB Cream =X

Anyways, I have accumulated another 8 new BB Creams so it's about time to post short reviews and swatches.

1: Lioele Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup SPF27 PA++:

I have already reviewed this here.
It's very lightweight and sheer but gives a very moisturized soft feeling to my skin. However even though it's sheer the color is too dark for me.
I got this in the kit for 29000 Won (the kit also included a lipgloss, blusher and 5 sheet masks)
The cream is only lightly scented.
Squeeze-tube contains 50ml

2: Clio Whitening BB Cream SPF17:

I found this on Gmarket by coincidence. It was supposed to come with a free mini lipgloss trio and a powder but the seller (the one listed in my Gmarket sellers list who carries Banila Co) seems o have forgotten my gift =(
The BB Cream has the typical thicker texture and offers sheer-medium coverage. However the color is too dark for me (though it looks light and applies light but oxidises after short time) and the scent of the BB Cream is a bit strong. It's nothing special.
I paid 27000 Won for this 60ml tube

3: Banila Co Let Me Finish Prime BB Cream SPF 27 PA++:

I have reviewed the other Let Me Finish Multiple BB Cream SPF27 PA++ here.
The Prime BB Cream offers a higher sunscreen than the Multiple one but otherwise I honestly can't tell much of a difference away from the color.
The Prime BB Cream has a slightly lighter texture than most other BB Creams and offers sheer-medium coverage. The color match is ok for my skin-tone though it's on the darker side of the spectrum whereas the Multiple BB Cream is quite pale and pink-toned.
The pump-dispenser squeeze tube is a nice and hygienic way of packaging.
I paid 20000 Won for my 35ml tube and received a free Aqua Gloss, some samples and a box of cottons as extras.

4: Rita Rove W So Lightsome BB Cream for all skin types:

I already reviewed this here.
This is a great basic BB Cream with sheer-medium coverage and the typical light grayish pink color and thicker waxy texture that most BB Creams come in.
I can't detect a scent.
This came as free gift with the purchase of 2 W So Lightsome powders. Contains 50ml.

5: Etude House Speedy Total Base SPF35 PA++ 3 in 1:

This is not labeled as a BB Cream but I see it listed on eBay as a BB Cream and the concept of having your makeup base, foundation and sunscreen in 1 product is typical for BB Creams.
The cream comes in a cute pink squeeze-tube and comes in 2 colors. The lighter color of the two is #2 which is unusual. I guess they first only sold it in color #1 and decided to release a lighter-toned one later so it ended up being #2. Anyway, the cream is really pale and doesn't have the typical gray undertone, rather a peachy tone to it.
It blends in nicely with my natural skin color but offers only sheer coverage. The texture is also lighter than the typical BB Cream.
It's a good choice if you have little to cover and prefer a BB Cream without gray tones.
It carries a slightly strong floral perfume.
The tube contains 50ml and costs only 9500 Won.

6: Jadilla J Skinguard BB Plus:

As I noted in one of my earlier Jadilla J posts this was the BB Cream I initially wanted to get instead of the Whitening BB Plus but it looked dark in the pic so I skipped it. Well, curiosity won and I ended up ordering it (it came with a lip tint, mini powder compact and BB Cream deluxe sample tube).

The Skinguard BB Plus comes in an iridescent pale pink tube which looks very cute and princessy.
However, the color is too dark as I had expected. I think this would work very well if you're naturally lightly tan or about a NC25-30 in MAC.
Is lightly scented (a fresh pleasant perfume) and contais 50ml.
I paid 23000 or so for my tube incl. the gifts included.

7: Tony Moly BB Expert Triple Blemish Balm Cream SPF 45 PA+++:

I believe this is the BB Cream with the strongest sunscreen (Missha Perfect Cover is very good, too).
I quite like this BB Cream as it is a good color match and offers medium coverage. It has the typical thick texture and grayish undertones I am used to from most BB Creams.
Tony Moly Expert BB Cream has a light pleasant scent and applies very smoothly.
The tube contains 50ml.
I believe I paid about 15000 Won for my tube.

8: Tony Moly Secret BB Cream Brighter:

This comes in the most adorable box and tube. Very vintage and cute! I really love it!
The cream comes in the colors "Brighter" and "Natural". I decided to go for the lighter version and I am really pleased with it.
This is the perfect choice if you can't pull off the gray tones in most pale BB Creams. The Secret BB Cream sports a more peachy color but manages not to look orange on me but really brightens up my complexion.
It offers only sheer coverage despite its thick texture but with a tiny bit of foundation, concealer and powder the result is perfect.
Carries a light scent and makes my skin feel super soft.
This is quite cheap at about 9800 Won for 50ml.

You can probably expect a Quick Comparison VI soon hehe. I have the Skin79 Dream Girl BB Cream and couple of others coming in the mail =D

Here are the other comparisons I did:
BB Creams: Quick comparison
BB Creams: Quick comparison II
BB Creams: Quick comparison III
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dawn. said...

Hey! Sorry to disturb again...
Which gmarket seller did you get your CastleDew Foundation?

Also, I'm interested in the Jadilla items ^^ Loving the gem bling bling ^^

Thank you very much ne!~

Kathi said...

Hi Dawn,
I purchased the Castledew foundation from seller miincos but the price has gone to 11200 Won. I just purchased a backup and a Castledew foundation base in green from seller jk shop on Gmarket.
The only seller I see right now selling Jadilla J and shipping internationally is vovcare but his variety is quite limited now. It's a shame as he had pretty much all items in stock before.

Pink Sith said...

Hi! I love your comparisons and reviews for BB creams. I have been eying the Tony Moly BB Brightening cream. Glad to see you liked. it. In the US they are starting to come out with a version of BB cream but they are not calling it BB. Oil of Olay has one and I believe LM is coming out with one too. But It's rather stick with the Korean Brands that I know work and preform well for me.

Kathi said...

Hi Elvira,
I have seen pics of those swirly tinted lotion thingies from Olay =D They look pretty nice! But sure I am all Korean and Japanese (makeup-wise) so I'll not stray =D

Eunice said...


I've recently become interested in BB Creams and stumbled onto your website. I know you've been doing a lot of comparisons, but I was just wondering which ones are your fave? I can't decide which one to buy, there are so many! I'm also planning on going to HK/Taiwan this winter so hopefully I can snag some.

I have medium skintone with combination skin with medium-sized pores.


Anonymous said...

Can you compare Missha's Pefect Cover with Tony Moly's? I am lookin for sth with PA+++~ and the price of Tony Moly is too hard to resist!

Kathi said...

I think both are quite good, but Missha has a bit more coverage and there are 2 colors to choose from

Unknown said...

I am not the only one!!! What is it about BB creams...I can't get enough! *sigh

Anonymous said...

Hello I saw the Clio Whitening BB Cream SPF17 on one of the episode of "we got married" i think its episode 31, Hwayobi uses that bb cream. she was unpacking her makeups and i noticed same exact one that says Whitening bb cream on it. hahahha! its kinda cool to actually see a korean celebrity using bb cream. I'm also trying to find the best one the fits me as well. Your bb comparison is very helpful and i can try out the ones close to the shade i need so i dont have to go thru all. thanks a lot

Kathi said...

Hey, that's cool =D
I'll do another comparison soon, I have around 10 new BB Creams =O

Belinda said...

Hi, may I know which website you bought the Tony & Moly products? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hello.,, so from all the bb creams you have which do you think has the highest coverage? thanks..:)

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