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Friday, October 3, 2008

Lioele Water Drop BB kit

I haven't paid much attention to Lioele lately as there didn't seem to be anything really new or interesting out and also they decided not to ship internationally via Gmarket anymore.
They changed their mind and ship worldwide now (with the exception of Japan, Singapore and Malaysia I believe) so I stumbled across their new Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup packed together with some other nice things for 29000 Won so I decided to give the set a shot.

-Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup SPF27 PA++:

This comes in a pretty light blue squeeze tube which is very different from their usual pink packaging.
It's one of those super light BB Creams that sink into the skin right away leaving it moisturized but without the balmy feeling other BB Creams have.
The coverage of this is VERY sheer so it doesn't even out my skin much. My main problem is the color though. Even though it's very sheer it still shows up quite yellow and too dark for me so unfortunately this BB Cream is not suitable for my skin tone. I suspected this when I ordered it as the other BB Cream (Beyond The Solution BB Cream) was too yellow and a tad too dark, too, but on the swatch it looked more neutral so I decided to give it a try. I think this would be a very good choice for someone with oilier, warmer toned skin who doesn't need a lot of coverage.
A swatch will be posted in my next BB Cream comparison post.

-Blooming Cushion Touch Blusher:

Those blushers with the loose powder filled into a container with a sponge seem to be the hit all over the world now. Japanese brands make them (e.g. Coffret D'or, Aube), Korean brands have them (Banila Co, Lioele and some others) and even the local brands here like S-He Stylezone and Essence sell them. I don't know why they're popular as all of them just suck in my opinion. I have to pat them on the back on my hand to get the powder to the surface and then slap that thing into my face very hard to get any color showing up. I personally believe my cheeks just turn reddish because of the hard pressure =P
The Lioele is no way better. The color I got (#1) is a very chalky pale pink but it doesn't show up no matter how hard I try. I could just screw the sponge off and dip a brush into the powder but I am honestly too lazy. I am not a fan of loose blushers/powders/eyeshadows of any sort!

This is also available in an orange color (#2)
Sorry, Lioele, this gets a nay from me.

-Blooming Gloss:

This is a pretty nice slick gloss with decent lastability and a soft glossy finish. It has a pleasant fruity scent and just a bit of fine shimmer.
All in all a good and comfortable to wear gloss in a pretty soft sheer warm pink color (I picked #2 out of the 3 available choices).

The kit also comes with a Lioele Perfect Essence Mask Set (5 free different sheet masks) and retails for 29000 Won. A shame that 2 of the items don't really work for me... I see it more as a waste of money =(
I also ordered another bigger kit which I'll review later.

With the purchse of 3 or more products there are bonus gifts available. Since both kits I ordered contained a total of 9 items I qualified for the best GWP (buy 7+ items): a pretty and very useful makeup pouch (which I really love now) and a package of wet makeup remover wipes. I also got a deluxe sample sized tube of their Beyond The Solution BB Cream and plenty of sample sachets packed along with a coupon to use for my next order (though it probably will be useless for me as I can't order from their website and I doubt they take coupons in their Gmarket store)....


Pink Sith said...

Hi Kathi: I really like my BB Beyond Solution BB cream and was looking into other Lioele products. I'm glad you reviewed that blush. I was thinking of getting it but your review reminded me why I don't own any of those types of blushes. they do all suck! You are 100% correct! Thanks for your super informative blog! Although I may not leave a comment every time I certainly read it every day! Take Care, Elvira

Kathi said...

Yea, they all suck. The one i hate most is the one from Coffret D'or as it's just super glittery... not glowy or dewy, just downright glittery =( Yuck!

Anonymous said...

its a shame that the blusher doesnt work. i really wanted to try it but i guess i should save my money?

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