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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Etude House Fall 2008: Cute & Sexy Eyes 05 & 06

I finally got my new Etude House Cute & Sexy Eyes eyeshadow quads and I have good and not so good (but not terribly bad) news for you. The good: They're really pigmented (YAY!)... the not so good: their texture is a bit crumbly like the other 4 quads =X

The new Cute & Sexy Eyes come in pretty blackened garnet plastic cases with a clear flip-top cover.
There are 4 powder shadows in each palette, 3 of them being dark smoky colors and 1 highlighter.

The colors are really nicely pigmented and show up very well. The texture is as crumbly as the original Cute & Sexy Eyes quads which might bug you a bit.
However, the colors are gorgeous and since I do my eye makeup before my face and as I tend to more pat my eyeshadows on with a brush the few crumbles falling under my eyes don't bother me much.

The quads retail for 9000 Won (US$6-7) which isn't pricey for my taste. That's about what a Canmake eyeshadow palette costs but in my experience Canmake eyeshadows are way worse than the Etude House quads.

The 2 new colors are:
#5 Coffee Khaki:

Shimmery ivory, shimmery olive green, metallic taupe and matte black with scattered silver glitters.

#6 Smokey:

Shimmery silvery white with micro glitters, velvet periwinkle with microglitters, shimmery dark silver gray, blackened plum

Overall I have to say that Etude House definitely improved the level of pigment in the new quads and they did a great job with the color combinations as both are really pretty and right up my alley (I just love smokey quads, so sultry for fall!)
I would say these are well worth snatching up if you like dark and smokey colors =)


Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

I agree about these palettes! I posted my thoughts on these last week when I got them from Gmarket too.

cand said...

thx for the review! i want to get one of these now, i don't mind the crumblyness. btw did you get Cash Balance or a Paypal refund?

Kathi said...

you have a very nice blog there. Added you to my blog list =)

I got my shipping costs refunded to my Gmarket account. However oddly Gmarket refunded me US$11 to my paypal account... It seems that the exchange rate of the US$ vs. Korean Won had changed so the total went from US$76 to US$65 so I got the difference refunded... hmm

Connie De Alwis said...

great swatches! I like the smokey palette. I checked out my locak Etude House. They didn't have it :(

plue said...

the palettes are pretty! i wonder if my stores have them or not... must go and check! :D

thanks for the lovely swatch!

~raspy~ said...

i've been waiting for your review on these babies! ^-^

they sure look pretty in the pan!! of the two, which palette is your favourite??

Amelia Yap said...

the smokey one looks so nice!! *tempted*

Kathi said...

I think #05 is my favorite as the colors go together nicer than 06. but 06 is pretty nonetheless =D

~raspy~ said...

u really tempt me to get the both palettes!!! but i'm on a makeup ban.. hopefully they will be still around in dec!

i'm looking forward to more of your hauls!

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