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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Korean stationery etc. haul =)

This is the first makeup unrelated post in the 5 months of Lotus Palace =)

But the stuff I ordered is so pretty I just have to share the pics with you.
I recently spotted some pretty day planners in an eBay store but they were way overpriced (US$40 incl. shipping =X)
Anyway, I went to Gmarket to search for day planners and other pretty things (brands are Jetoy, Aninara, Monopoly and Donbook) so I found several pretty items to purchase.

I ordered:

-JETOY Angel's Picnic day planner/diary (I love love love this!). This came with a free Peach Pie day planner/diary (very cute, too, might keep this for next year), a cute donkey-shaped pen and a slim long pen.

All for 10000 Won (US$7.50) only (the calenders cost normally about 12000/each but it was 1 + 1 Free plus discount plus 2 free pens...I think that's a pretty sweet deal!)

The day planners/diaries are customizable so you have to fill in the dates/days yourself (I actually like this as I can start using the planner from the day of purchase on hehe). You have also a bunch of pages for your own notes or to use as a diary.
All pages show different cute prints, many vintage inspired
Purchased from magicfile1
Check JETOY's website to see all their cute stuff and closeups of the different page prints!

-Monopoly Twinkling Diary is a super pretty thick diary. Each page is different, mainly cute vintage prints. I really love this, so pretty!

Costs 13000 Won

-Donbook Pink Roman Cash Diary is a very handy way to keep track of my spending (yes, I am finally doing that lol) and incomes, too. Like the day planners and diary above this is a quite thick book so you can use it for a year or so. The pages show different prints, too.

I think I paid about 12000 Won or so
Check here for more pics etc.

-JETOY Shine pencil case:

I was searching for a cute very small pencil case to carry along with the Angel's Picnic day planner and Donbook. The Jetoy Shine is the perfect choice and comes in 4 cute prints. I chose the red fruits one as I liked it most.
Costs 6500 Won.

-JETOY Ballerina Card Case and Choo Choo Bankbook Holder:

I couldn't resist the cute Ballerina card case for 4500 Won to put some of my tons of cards in (hey, every shop here gives you their card to be able to get some minor discounts or special offers from time to time).
I also bought a Choo Choo Bankbook Holder for 11000 Won as I thought it's very handy to have all the bankbooks in 1 place where they're protected.

-I also bought a Japanese pen made of recycled paper and a Aninara Mouse pad (the little sheep face).
Click here to visit the website.

I noticed positively that the stationery sellers I purchased from (jswas, magicfile1, youngsun85) state a more logic estimated shipping weight so i didn't end up paying a whole truck of too much cash.


Unknown said...

Hey Kathi,

This is funny because I ordered some of these last week! It's nice to know that great minds think alike! hahaa

Kathi said...

Hehe! The stuff is so cute, it's too hard to resist =)

Sonia said...

Oh my, I found some pink diaries there! Now I'll just wait till my pyacheck arrives. ^_^

beautyparler said...

I love stationary! Those are some really cute items:)

plue said...

they are just so cute!

lovely hauls my dear!

Laura L said...

cool, i have order some from Rumistyle too, hehe, having cheaper price though...

j e a n said...

hey how much did u pay for shipping?

PEARLfect said...

I just love stationary specially when they are from Korea, since they sell the most adorable and cutest items.

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