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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trying a Taiwanese brand: Nini Monica Shimmer Blusher & Face Powder

I recently stumbled across some cute blushers on eBay from an obscure brand called Nini Monica on eBay and as they were super cheap I decided to give them a try.

It turns out that I really love the blushes, especially the singles.
Nini Monica is a Taiwanese brand to my knowledge but seems to be available in Japan as the backs of the products are printed in Japanese and the price is given in Yen (though I haven't seen it when I was in Tokyo).
Anyways, I decided to try out 2 of the Shimmer Blushers for US$3.95/each and 2 of the Face Powders (duo blushes) for US$5.95/each.

-Shimmer Blusher:

The packaging of these is a total Anna Sui knock-off. I don't mind that lol as they look really cute.
The texture of my 2 blushes is very silky and SUPER pigmented (well, for my taste hehe) with a beautiful soft metallic finish.

I have to say I am quite impressed as I didn't expect a lot of color pay-off and pretty colors from such a cheap brand.
I picked the colors 02 and 04.

01 is a soft pink with peachy undertones whereas 04 is a bright fuschia pink which looks so beautiful when carefully applied.
The blushes say they're made in Japan.
To avoid confusion: These are blushes even though the box says "Shimmer Eye Shadow". There are eye shadows available in the same style of compact but they come with normal sponge-tip applicators. I guess the guys from Nini Monica just use the same boxes for both products.

-Face Powder:

These are duo blushes very similar to Benefit's 10, Dallas etc. as these come in such cute little cardboard boxes.
However I like the design of the Nini Monica blushes better than Benefit =P
Anyways, the Face Powders are quite a contrast to the Shimmer blushers. They're matte and quite sheer even though they have a fine texture.
They show up on me but if you want more pigment these will disappoint you.
I picked #03 which is a light peachy tan shade/flesh colored highlighter and #04 (light warm pink and pinkish white).

All in all these are cute and worth purchasing, especially the Shimmer blushers.
I found them on eBay, just do a search for Nini Monica.

PS All the included brushes are craptastic but I couldn't care less lol


Linh said...

I love the Shimmer Blushes! They're so pigmented and what a bargain! :)

Wombat said...

Hey I'm taiwanese and definitely haven't seen this brand! You might want to try other brands like Beautymaker and Muji (probably more Jap than taiwanese).
The primary site doesn't ship internationally..but you can see the Benefit lookalike right here:

I think you might be able to find some products on ebay occassionally- they are less than 10USD most of the time and apparently quite good quality (all based on imitation of popular products I suppose, like they have their own version of touch eclat and benefit dandelion and kate e/s palette).


birkinbagbeauty said...

these blushes look really cute and I actually love the benefit look-a-likes from your swatches.
I find it amazing that you keep on finding new exciting and cute brands!!! Keep up the good work.

Kimberly said...

Ohhh, perfect timing! I've been lemming really bad for a new blush & you found exactly what I was wanting! I found them on Ebay & I'm off to order the Cherry Pink right now, it's gorgeous!! Thanks for the great review!

makeupmag said...

I thought Benefit at first too! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

like wombat, I am taiwanese too but not knowing this band at all. the blushes looks like my benefit HG 10 and I am digging them! I have a problem of it's copying anna sui and benefit though.

Emily said...

thanks for the review...i luv your blog! taiwan stuff are really great

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