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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Banila Co Eye Love Color Stick Duo

I am not much into eyeliner pencils unless black for lining my lower lids (and smudging it quite a lot...don't like harsh lower lids liner on me) and pearly peach, white or pink for lining my inner eyelids. I prefer gel liners and those pens with brush like Kate Supersharp, Etude House Dual Change Eyeliner, Jadilla J Eyepen Technic Liner etc for my upper lids though.

But I spotted some pretty eyeliner/stick eyeshadow duos from Banila Co on eBay (rumistyle, but her shop is closed now =( ) so I decided to get the one in #2 Blonde which looked like a gorgeous combination of dark gunmetal gray and ivory so I ordered it (donno how they came up with the name though!).
Unfortunately the seller sent me #1 Parisienne but I really liked its look so I decided to keep it and order #2 in addition.

Both liners consist of a dark and a highlighter color. They can be used as liners and as eyeshadows as those Color Stick Duos are more on the chubby side.
I personally prefer to use them as liners and both are really pretty.
All colors have a shimmery, almost metallic finish.

#1 Parisienne contains a warm bronze brown and a pale flesh pink. The pigment is medium and the color itself isn't that dark so the brown color doesn't make a satisfactory liner for my upper lids. I prefer a clean defined line on my upper lids so this liner is more for lining my lower kids. I like using the highlighter color along the inner 1/3 of my lower lids, in inner corner and to line the inner rims (no irritations so far!)

#2 Blonde is a beautiful dark taupe gray which is a color I don't own in pencil form yet. It has a gorgeous metallic finish I really dig. I use the highlighter pencil like I described above. I can also use it on inner rims without a problem (I am a bit sensitive there otherwise and get watery eyes if a pencil irritates my eyes)

Both pencils works very nicely with my new De La Couture palette btw =D

I paid about US$17/each. The RRP is


makeupmag said...

These look so pretty and complementary! I especially like the brown/pink combination. Do they smudge though? I don't have good experiences with such pencils; waterproof ones work better on me. :)

Unknown said...

these look great!! I noticed that Rumistyle vanished and the seller on Gmarket will not send abroad anymore.....banila co drought!!!

You did well tonab these on time

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