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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jadilla J My Ball Blusher in #2 and Pearlfect #2

I think I am quite stocked with Jadilla J now but I couldn't resist picking up another My Ball blush and try one of their Pearlfect highlighters when they were 50% off. I really love the 2 blushes I got before (#1 and 3) as they're silky and offer nice pigment (I prefer sheer-medium like this) along with beautiful flattering colors.

The blushes normally cost 22000 in vovcare's Gmarket shop. I am not sure if that is supposed to be the real retail price as it seems a bit high to me. However I purchased mine for 11000 Won which is a steal (that's less than US$10).
It wasn't advertised that this was supposed to come with free gifts but as always the seller was very generous and added couple of microfiber towels, 2 Jadilla lip tints, 2 sample sachet packets, 2 concealers, 1 Powder Pact refill in Light+++ (purple) and a cream eyeshadow for free. I also ordered a tube of VOV Anti-Trouble BB Cream for 6900 Won in color #21 and qualified for all those freebies.

-My Ball Cubical Face blusher:

I already reviewed #1 and #3. These are silky sheer-medium pigmented blushes with a very fine shimmery, almost glowy finish.
I am happy I picked up #2 finally as it's a drop-dead gorgeous peachy pink similar to the famous NARS Orgasm blush.

The pigment is fine in this color and the shade is neutral enough to wear with cool or warm skin-tones so it's pretty much universally flattering.

It comes in the most gorgeous little compact with a soft brush included.
I paid 11000 Won

-Pearlfect Cubical Face highlighter:

This comes in the same cute compact as the blushes. It's available in 2 colors: #1 (white/silver) and #2 (lavender/pale lavender white).
I chose #2 as it looked more interesting and I own plenty of white highlighters.

The Pearlfect is sheer with a matte and a shimmery side. The matte side is a pale lavender whereas the shimmery side is a pale lavender white with lavender glitter flecks.
The first time I used this the blue glitter flecks were to obvious for my taste but the 2nd time it was more subtle. However I made sure to swirl my brush more to the matte side to pick up less glitters.

At this point I cannot tell really if the glitters go through the whole powder but I believe it's so.
All in all not my favorite highlighter. I prefer the dewy sort of glow baked highlighter give.
I paid 11000 Won.

Vovcare doesn't have these listed right now but he seems to sell out an restock his items regularly so I'd just keep an eye open. Most Jadilla J items seem to sell out in a matter of days so I'd check back regularly if you're interested to buy anything there.


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