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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tony Moly Dual Eye Concealer

I am somehow a sucker for eye concealers. I have no clue why but somehow they appeal to me. Maybe because a good eye concealer makes my eyes look more awake and brighter in an instant? Possibly.

I ordered the Dual Eye Concealer from Tony Moly along with the Shimmer Lover Partylover and some skin care a few weeks ago so I had plenty of time to test the concealer.

The Dual Eye Concealer comes with a concealer stick on one side and a sheer liquid highlighter on the other.
There are 2 colors, yellow and salmon and I settled on salmon as it looked more suitable for me.
The coverage the stick side offers is about medium which is easily sufficient to cover my light eye circles. The pale salmon shade is perfect and gives a pretty brightening effect.

The liquid highlighter side is rather sheer with a pearlescent finish. It adds a pretty extra dose of brightening to the inner corners of the eyes.

I paid 12000 Won for this (about US$9.50) which is quite affordable. Etude House's Dark Circle Concealer is cheaper and I still like it more but has been discontinued. The Tony Moly concealer is a good alternative.


Unknown said...

I saw this on gmarket...thanks for the post!

Have you tried the new Sana concealer??

Kathi said...

No, haven't tried it. From what I heard it's crap (the one with the cute bear). So probably won't be getting it

makeupmag said...

Salmon is a great shade for concealing. My favourite is a discontinued one from MAC. I like this Korean makeup concealer packaging - stick on one end, liquid/cream on the other. Genius!

Anonymous said...

Question for you... when you purchase from Gmarket, do you tend to buy in bulk since the shipping fee is quite expensive? Can you recommend the best eye cream? THanks much!


CyNurse said...

The Korean store which sells Tony Moly products here in my city did not have the Eye Concealer so I ended up buying make-up base, dual lipliner, sheet mask, and lip gloss instead. All for $11. Cheap!:)

By the way, I really like your blog. Very informative.

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