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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shiseido Integrate Accent Eyes... I am NOT impressed

I avoid Integrate'e eyeshadows like the plague since I tried their first batch of eyeshadow palettes called "Dramatic Deep Eyes" (there was NO drama and no depth when I used this whatsoever).

Integrate released their 4th series of eyeshadows named "Accent Eyes" and since I spotted a color I really liked I decided to give it a try...might have been that they used a new pigmented formula? After all Shiseido's other brands do great shadows like Majolica Majorca or Maquillage.

Anyway, total fail. The shadows are super duper mega sheer (yes, THAT sheer). I can subtly sculpt my eyes but I just don't like this palette. It makes me really yawn's just meh and blah.
I got color BR730 (Cool Brown) which consists of a pale creamy beige, light taupe brown, darker cool brown and a slightly glittery light beige color (to be patted on top).

The result is shimmery and if you like really subtle shadows you might enjoy the accent eyes. The texture itself isn't bad at all, the shadows feel quite silky to the touch and they don't look chalky. It's just the significant lack of color that bugs me.

You can get the shadows from Adambeauty normally but he doesn't carry color BR730 and the other colors are currently sold out.

I purchased mine from Ichibankao for US$21 (incl. shipping).


Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Kathi!

Interesting! So many mixed reviews on this - I trust you though!! lol

Unknown said...

Come to think about it I just dont like intergrate shadows at all!! :(
Or their eyebrow palette!

Kathi said...

I like the eyebrow palette, I think it's quite nice (even hit pan on mine and that says alot since I have quite a lot brow compacts lol)
The eyeshadows are crap, but therefore integrate's lippies are really nice said...

Ooh I absolutely loved this palette I found it quite pigmented, especially the darker shadows. Still what works for one doesn't work for another!

Kathi said...

yea so true! That's why there should always be a great variety of cosmetics available!

wen said...

i love integrate's lipglosses =D
ive not tried their eyeshadow palettes before, but most reviews of them seem rather bad.. i guess their star product's lipgloss and lipsticks?

anw, this product was featured in a very popular taiwanese tv show. i was looking forward to getting it too, until i saw ur review. thanks for the review!


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