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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Xmas 2008: Esprique Precious Party Couture Collection

I love Xmas... and even more when Japanese brands release cute coffrets for considerably good prices offering you limited products you won't be able to get hold of later on.

One of the prettiest kits this year is from Esprique Precious in my opinion. While the brand seems to target a slightly more grown up and feminine audience now after revamping some of their line a bit they went a little more girly and cute for the Xmas coffret. Even at age 27 (soon 28 *sigh*) I feel girly sometimes so the kit looked very appealing to meko. Don't worry, it's not the glitter bomb or something and all colors are easy to wear and flattering for most skin-tones.

Last year's kit looked pretty, but the quad turned out to be unwearable for me (too warm browns, too sheer), the nail polish was too glittery and gritty for my taste and the gloss was a light pink that turned out to be almost clear on my lips. I wasn't that hot for the loose highlighter either so the whole set was more of a disappointment lol. It also came with a pouch so it was a bit better value for money but I just think this year's kit is much prettier as I love the cute snowflake print on all items (except the eyeshadow case).

The Party Couture Collection contains:

-Eyecolor Selection in PK803, WT004, BR303; 1.7g/each
-Eyecolor Case
-Pencil Eyeliner in BK001; 1.2g
Rouge Stylish (Liquid Type) in PK827; 3g
-Nail Color in PK805; 5ml

Retail price 3675 Yen (about US$39 at the current exchange rate)

-Eyecolor Selection & Eyecolor Case:

You get 3 single shadows with cute snowflake prints (gone with the first swipe though) in a clear soft plastic case (not sturdy so it won't survive long). The shadows are meant to placed in the cute velvet heart-shaped compact you get with the kit. Each color has a glob of glue on the back so you just can put them in the cute case and they'll stay there.
The shadows are probably packed outside the compact for display reasons.

Anyways, all 3 colors are very silky, they almost feel creamy to the touch. The colors have only soft shimmer and sheer-medium pigment thus they show up well and they blend like a dream.
I wore them a full day and didn't have serious signs of fading and I didn't notice any creasing.

The 3 colors you get are:
PK803: Medium baby pink
WT004: Soft silvery white
BR303: Antique bronze with green undertones, turned almost khaki green on me.

The case is made of a velvety material with a cute white fluffy ball glued on.
Inside is a big mirror with the "Esprique Precious" logo printed on.

You also get an applicator with the shadows.

-Pencil Eyeliner BK001:

This is a short eyeliner pencil in true black with silver glitters. It's a bit hard at first but works quite well when I warm the tip a bit by swiping the pencil on the back of my hand.

The glitters show up only a little so they're rather subtle.

-Rouge Stylish (Liquid Type) in PK827:

I really like the Rouge Stylish series. Many will probably not be that hot for these as they have a really sticky thick texture that lasts very long but is not the most comfortable to wear for many.
However I really like the formula as it gives high shine and lasts very long.

PK827 is a gorgeous light golden rose /with soft orange iridescence and a very finely milled shimmer. The orangey tones are very subdued and light so it's a super pretty flattering shade.

I really love this and it works so nicely with the shadows.

-Nail Color in PK805:

I wasn't too fond of last year's nail polish. Even though the color itself was pretty (a dusty pink) it was so chock-full of glitters I only rarely wore it.
This year gives us a safe sheer pale pink with very subtle multi-colors shimmers. I quite like it but it's nothing that special.
The nail color dries rather quickly and since it's such a light shade little application mistakes won't be that noticable.

All in all the coffret gives us a quite complete look that just needs some foundation, mascara and blush and you're ready to go out.
All colors work together nicely and would flatter many skin-tones.
This is a pretty gift or to keep for yourself =)


Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

This is so pretty! I love love it!

B377Y said...

Wow it looks beautiful! Too bad the snowflakes don't stay..
Is this available anywhere other than gmarket? I'm from the US

Kathi said...

I think you can't get this on Gmarket, I purchased mine from

melanie said...

Thanks so much for this review! I have been lemming this and now want it even more! You do the best reviews, hon. :)

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