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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Etude House Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling (Nutrient Rich Yogurt Gommage Peel)

As you might remember (or if you don't you can read here) I was very disappointed with Etude House's Magic Crystal Pack Peeling as it is way too harsh for my normal-dry and sensitive skin.
Someone pointed out in the comments section that it was meant for oily skin and that the Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling would be more suitable for drier skin-types.

So I decided to try this out as it looked like an interesting product.
The Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling is a liquid milky solution you apply on your face and leave on till it's dry (took about 5 minutes maybe?) then you rub your hands over your skin and you'll notice little pieces of the product start balling up since this is a gommage peeling. Rinse off the rest and enjoy smooth skin =)

My skin gets super silky when I use this but the drawback is that the peeling is a bitch to remove. I really rub and wash about 2-3 minutes to get all off. And still I will find some little pieces stuck to any super tiny facial hair (no, I don't have a mustache).
I think the pretty smooth skin is worth the removal hassle so I will continue using this weekly or so (I use a black sugar scrub every other day, too).

The heavy glass bottle contains 115ml and retails for 12000 Won (about US$9.25 right now).

Contains yogurt and enzymes. Etude House recommends using this 1-2x a week.

I received a pack or 3 Magic Soothing Mask Sheets along with this:


Kimberly said...

wow -- interesting, thanks for reviwing this, I was looking at it yesterday on ebay and was on the fence... I look forward to hear more about your results, before I take the plunge.

Ive been looking more into Etude House products -- just bought some BB Cream.... so we'll see how that works out.

Laura L said...

wow, glad that this item works good.
planning to explore more etude house skin care soon.

i think, i will visit the store in Malaysia when i have finished my final examination.

Anonymous said...

currently im using this too though i have combination skin. it gives a smooth finish to my face. have to wash my face throughly as the remains of the peel tends to roll onto my hair

Val said...

I'm glad I bought the right one! :D I tried to use the Magic Bubble Peeling on the back of my arm. It felt a little harsh on the skin :(
I'm really glad I bought this instead ^^~

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